Gold on EMI

With the increasing demand, investing in gold may seem challenging. However, there is another option through which investors can invest their money, and that is through digital gold. It has opened many opportunities, and the best part is that you can buy gold on EMI.

Digital gold platforms are offering investors to make an online gold purchase in Kerala or anywhere else in India with a small amount, as low as Rs. 100. The upside of digital gold is that you can invest in gold and accumulate it to the amount you want. It means that you do not have to wait for months to buy gold or worry about its security. After investing in gold, it gets stored in a secured vault verified by an independent trustee and remains there if you wish to redeem them.   

The Perks of Investing in Digital Gold: 

Here are the benefits of making an online gold purchase in Kerala or any other part of India:

  • Unlike physical gold, there is no restriction on how much you can invest in digital gold. The minimum amount to invest in digital gold is Rs. 100. The maximum amount depends on the online gold seller.
  • While buying gold on EMI, you are guaranteed to get 22-karat gold.  
  • It enables you to convert digital gold into physical gold coins and bars. Also, you can get liquid cash if you wish to in the future. 
  • Digital gold can also be utilised as collateral to secure loans in the future. The amount depends on the value of the digital gold stored in vaults, and the interest rates are always affordable. 
  • Another benefit of digital gold is that there is no need to take any measures to secure the gold, as it is not subject to theft. The purchased gold is safe in secured vaults verified by an independent trustee.  
  • You can keep a proper record of transactions online. If you ever doubt past transactions, you can check them online to gain better insights into your digital gold investment. 
  • It helps investors to balance or hedge portfolios to reduce risk concentration.  
  • Digital gold platforms are linked with real-time market changes. So, any changes in the gold rates will instantly reflect in the online application, allowing you to take advantage of the latest gold prices.  
  • There are no storage charges levied for up to five years.   

Buying Digital Gold:

If you wish to buy digital gold on EMI, it would be wise to opt for eSwarna as it allows you to save in gold for quantities that you are most comfortable with. You can make an online gold purchase for an amount as low as Rs. 100. You will need to create an eSwarna account to invest in digital gold. The amount you put into your account gets instantly converted into grams of gold based on the prevailing market price

It is worth noting that it works as a digital gold wallet where the accumulated amount is kept in safe custody for up to five years at no extra charges. The whole process of investing in gold through the eSwarna website or mobile application comes with no commitment on installments and tenure, no penalty, and no hidden charges. The best part is that you can operate your account at your convenience without taking any worries. 

The purity of digital gold stands at 24-karat purity. The amount you put into your account is converted to gold at existing rates instantly, and you can buy digital gold on EMI at live market rates. The eSwarna platform gets updates in real-time based on the fluctuation in gold rates, allowing you to take advantage of the gold rates while investing in digital gold.

How Digital Gold Works at eSwarna:

It offers an easy and quick way to redeem accumulated digital gold against a pure and trusted range of gold coins and jewellery. You can also sell it back to eSwarna at the prevailing market rates. 

Let us understand how digital gold investment works:

  • To buy digital gold, you will need to create an online account. Once done, enter the grams of gold you wish to buy and make the payment.   
  • To sell gold, you will have to choose to sell gold by amount or weight. After that, you can select an account to credit and receive the funds.  
  • You will have to decide whether you need gold coins or jewellery, complete the payment, and collect the gold from your preferred branch. 

So, whether you need to buy or sell gold, you are guaranteed to get the highest quality of gold and the best gold rates.

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