Write for Us: Submit Guest Post On Finance Blog

We’re inviting financial analysts to write for us thought-provoking articles on finance, insurance, and investment topics. Those having a zeal for writing original and well-researched articles related to personal finance can contribute to our website and increase their writing portfolios.

Guidelines To Write For US

There are some special guidelines for writing on our website which are given below. Before writing an article, read these guidelines carefully so that the content written is suitable for our website.

1. Topics We’re Covering:

  • Finance
  • Investing
  • Insurance
  • Mortgage
  • Business
  • Technology
  • Accounting
  • Banking
  • Loan
  • Mutual Funds
  • Money
  • Marketing
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Sales
  • Legal

2. Length Of Your Blog Post:

  • The blog post must have 1000 plus words. The longer, the better!
  •  The longer blog post completely describes the topic.
  •  Writing long blog posts also boosts SEO ranking so more users can find your awesome content online!

3. Citations, Links, and Relationships

  • You must include one internal link in your blog post.
  • Must Include external links for any third-party perspectives, evidence, and statistics.
  • Please do not self-promote your own business. If you need to, first share your business link with us.
  • We reserve to right to add rel=”nofollow” to any link or remove a link attached to words or images before or after publication.
  • Links related to casinos, payday loans, or pornography are strictly prohibited.

4. Follow SEO Best Practices

  • HTML formatting related to bulleted lists, headers, bolding, etc.
  •  You must have to select at least one category.
  •  You need to provide a meta title and description.
  •  Remember to use Alt tags and image titles for any images in the blog post.
  •  A featured image should be at least 650 pixels wide and 400 pixels tall.
  •  If a link in the post is valuable to the reader, it’ll be retained.

If you have gone through the guidelines then it’s time to connect with us via email at financebuzzinfo@gmail.com or info@financebuzz.net Or you can fill out this contact form. We will try our best to get back to you within 24-48 Hours.

Follow the Steps Below To Write For Us And Get Featured On This Blog

We have divided the entire process into six easy steps.

Step 1: Contact us via our email info@financebuzz.net or contact us form with 2-4 article ideas/topic

Step 2: We will review the topic and get back to you with the selected topic to write on

Step 3: You can send us the completed article whenever it is ready to publish with one featured Image

Step 4: We will review the article and reply if any edits are needed.

Step 5: Once the article is fully proofread, we will set up the timeframe(usually 2-3 working days) for publishing the article and notify you via email.

Step 6: Once we publish the article, we will share the live link with you via email.

Note: FinanceBuzz team has the right to make minor changes to the article without any notification.

Frequently Asked Questions – Write For Us

1. How can I publish a guest post on Financebuzz.net? 

Before you start writing, send us 2-3 article topics. Once we approve the topic, start writing articles/blogs keeping our guidelines in mind.

2. Do you accept Casino, CBD, Drugs related guest post

No, we’re not accepting articles about casinos, drugs, CBD, or pornography.

3. How Much time will it take to get my article published after approval

Generally, we will publish the article within 2-3 business days, but it may take longer in certain circumstances.

4. Who can write the finance, investment, and Insurance article for us?

Anyone having in-depth knowledge of the topic they intend to write about.

5. Can I include links to my website or Blog in my guest post?

Yes. We allow including links to your website or Blog in guest posts. However, ensure the links are relevant and not the keywords you’re trying to rank for.

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