Picuki – Step-By-Step Guide To Use This Instagram Photo Editor

Picuki - Instagram Editor App

People are just mad about uploading the happenings of their life on Instagram. They love to follow people’s geographical location and certain accounts. Picuki is a tool that helps you to follow your favorite accounts seamlessly without any problem. 

The tool is just perfect to be used by people who have and the ones who do not have an Instagram account. The photo editing tool has some of the most professional features to give oomph to a below-average click. 

Use options like contrast, crop, adjustment, and saturation to bring out the hidden beauty of a picture.

What Picuki Exactly Is?

The online tool lets you download the images available on Instagram handles. There is absolutely no need to have any ID to install an image whatsoever. Instagram generally does not allow anybody to download images from anybody’s profile. However, using Picuki it is easy to access random Instagram profiles by simply entering your email addresses and username. You can directly view what people have posted on their personal accounts very quickly.

Using the application is also very easy as you just need to reach the homepage of Picuki and simply type the Instagram username strategy on Picuki’s official website. Find out the displayed Instagram accounts associated with that particular ID or name and identify what exactly you want. Once the required account is found, just download the images from the available posts.

Right after you download the image from the available number of posts, it is time to review for the installed images in your device or Picuki account.

Step by step guide to using Instagram Picuki

You can specifically use the tool in two ways. We have shared both the methods very precisely on this page so that you exactly know how things have to be managed.

Method one to use Instagram Picuki

  • Press the given URL on this page so that you can enter Picuki online IG picture download tool
  • Just after you reach the official website of Picuki, there is a home page that appears very simple. Provide your Instagram account details online
  • You would instantly find that there is a list of related IGs. Select the one you find suitable for yourself.
  • Eventually, you will see that the selected IG account has all the listed pictures and photographs of the account. You need to start browsing the post and download the picture that you personally find suitable to be uploaded on your Instagram handle.
  • Select the download option from Picuki website in the full resolution. Eventually you will find the thumbnail becoming smaller and Tinier

Method 2 – the hashtag search

  • Reach the official web page of Picuki by following the above mentioned guide
  • Select the search icon after entering the hashtag you want to look up
  • You will be suggested with certain tags on the screen
  • The result that is displayed are easily viewable and you can easily view the relatable picture from the hashtag search conducted

Steps to edit photos using Picuki

The online photo editing tool is really amazing and creates some great photos to be uploaded on your Instagram handle. The feature is exclusive to this particular editing tool and that is the reason you must go for it. Adjust the saturation, contrast, exposure, and cropping style of the picture online very easily. The edited picture can be easily downloaded online directly. You can additionally refer to the download section of Picuki IG.

Picuki  – FAQ’s

Is it safe and legal to use Picuki?

Browsing Instagram Picuki is absolutely safe, legal and simple. You would enjoy everything about the application without facing any unwanted results.

What can I do after I login on to the official site of Picuki?

Using Picuki.com you can do the following activities-

  • Look up for celebrities 
  • read the comment on the particular post 
  • check out what celebrities have posted
  •  search hashtags
  • Check out what a post has in depth

What are the benefits of using Picuki?

You can search Instagram uniquely using Picuki. The specific application easily lets you scroll through videos, photos, and articles on someone else’s profile. It also lets you do in-depth research regarding competition and Tag location. You can identify the pictures of your friends and post them on your timeline. Viewing stories shared by friends and searching for your own post is also made very easy using stand-alone Instagram Picuki. To put it in one line, picuki makes it easier to handle Instagram.

Forget about following a specific account or any person to get inside. Picuki is a perfect application for researchers and journalists Who need to Grab the latest posts and updates regarding people and geographical location. Searching for unique pictures and downloading them is very easy now onwards.

How to download Picuki?

  • Reach out to the Google Play Store from your Android handset having 5.0 operating system and above
  • Look out for Picuki
  • Downloaded for free

Whatever top products and Trends are there can be easily viewed using Picuki Instagram. Catch up to your favorite accounts and keep getting the latest updates from them without even following their accounts. 

  • Manage Profile settings
  •  comment
  •  create your post 
  • download pictures

Is it possible to witness a private account?

It is not possible to view any private account using Picuki in any circumstance. Only a particular trick that you personally know can help you to do such things.

Do I need to have an Instagram account to use Picuki?

The best part about using the application is that you do not feel you have an Instagram account to access pictures and updates from Instagram.

Is it trustworthy to use Picuki?

Yes, you can always use the application without needing to worry about footprints behind.

Picuki is not working, what can be the reason?

You need to wait a bit in order to solve the problem. Most of the time the cache data can create issues and you need to refresh the memory so that everything works properly again.

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Final words

Generally you cannot access Instagram handles if you do not provide the credentials for login in. Picuki eliminates this by delivering you some unique benefits together.

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