Top Dart Packages for Flutter Developers

dart packages for flutter

Flutter, the most sought-after open-source framework, has gained a large following among developers since its release. Flutter uses the Dart programming language. There is a strong community for it on Dart. dev, which provides both official support and third-party packages for effective Flutter development. For iOS, Google Fuchsia, Windows, Android, and Linux, you can create stunning native apps quickly and easily with Flutter.

The best feature of Flutter is that it enables shared packages provided by other developers for usage in the Flutter & Dart ecosystem. Without having to start from scratch, this inventiveness enables developers to create an app swiftly. To handle standard software like libraries and tools, the dart ecosystem uses packages. Similar to the Git version, you may fetch packages from the local directory system or elsewhere in addition to finding publicly accessible packages in the pub. dev directory.

You may hire flutter developer that is familiar with Dart-savvy IDEs and can handle utilizing pub, which entails generating, downloading, updating, and publishing packages. On the command line, you may also use pub if necessary.

A pubspec file in a directory might represent the very minimum of a Dart package. A few pieces of package metadata are included in the pubspec. A package may also include dependencies (specified in the pubspec), libraries for Dart, applications, resources, tests, pictures, and examples.

This page includes the most well-liked packages to give you a sense of how developed Flutter is as a platform.

Popular Dart Packages

Following is the list of some of the popular Dart Packages available in the market.


Having an HTTP library is a need because everything is web-based. Consuming HTTP resources is made simple with this Dart package, which includes a collection of high-level methods and classes. The Dart team has developed and is maintaining this library.

Flutter Slidable

With the project’s feature-rich slider widget, the flutter slidable plugin is attached. In scrollable lists, sliders like this one are standard. Sliding list items provide a notable productivity boost in the Gmail client, which is a noteworthy example.

This plugin has a ton of functionality, is ready to use, and can also be easily customized. Here are a few of the features of the packages mentioned:

  • Accepts slide actions for both secondary (right/bottom) and primary (left/top) widget lists.
  • Four action panes are already present.
  • Two slide action widgets are also included in it.
  • A dismissal animation is already included in it.
  • It is simple to make efficient, user-friendly bespoke layouts and animations.
  • When a slide action is tapped, it closes automatically (overridable)
  • When the nearest Scrollable begins to scroll, it loses (overridable)
  • Quickly turning off the sliding effect might be viewed as a fantastic solution.


A powerful, user-friendly, and reasonably priced object storage service for both Android and iOS, Firebase is a flutter plugin used in the Firebase cloud storage API. Add the dependency firebase_ store to your pubspec.yaml file to utilize this plugin. It should be noted that this plugin is still being developed. Thus specific APIs might not be available quite yet.


This crucial Flutter plugin forAndroid and iOS development platforms. This package encases persistent storage libraries that are platform-specific. Processing in both batches and transactions is supported. Beginning with that point, version control is automatic. For insert, query, update, and delete queries, it offers help. Background thread actions using a database. For easy-to-read information, such as user preferences, it employs indentation and the following words:

  • iPhone and Mac NSUserDefaults
  • The Android SharedPreferences app
  • Sites local storage
  • Linux local disk containing a JSON file

This plugin is not designed to save crucial data since data is also written to the disk asynchronously, and no guarantee that writes will be saved to the disk after returning.


This Flutter package is used to launch URLs in mobile apps, as the name suggests. When you want the OS to handle the URL for you, it becomes convenient and valuable and supports both Android and iOS devices. Multiple URL systems, including HTTP, mail to, SMS, and others, are supported by the URL Launcher package. This plugin aids with URL launch. The following categories of URLs will exist:

  • org and, both in HTTP
  • Send an email to mail to: <email address>.
  • Contact information: tel: <phone number>
  • Send an SMS to this: <phone number>


This is frequently a group of cryptographic hashing operations that have been implemented in pure Dart, courtesy to the Dart team. This suggests that you don’t require external libraries to produce this work. There are several supported hashing algorithms:

  • SHA-512
  • SHA-384
  • SHA-256
  • SHA-224
  • SHA-1
  • HMAC
  • MD5

As this is not a GUI tool but simply a crypto library, it works on all supported platforms.

Location Plugin

Mobile devices that can pinpoint their position with accuracy are among the most significant features of smartphones. This has already provided numerous practical applications. It is easier to get the current location with the help of the location plugin for Flutter. When a location change occurs, it issues callbacks. Along with callbacks, it also provides API endpoints so that access to a user’s location may be appropriately requested. This flutter plugin effectively handles real-time geolocation on iOS and Android. It has options for enhancing battery life and performance as well.


When creating games with Flutter, Flame is a need. Only a widget separates you from your Flutter game with flame. All you need to construct effective games is provided by utilizing the Flutter framework.


The platform you’re using will determine which formats are supported. For instance, the supporting libraries for iOS and Android are different. Additionally, the supported formats on the web depend on the browser you’re using. Even though this plugin’s name is “video player,” it also can play audio. It’s not a terrible idea to utilize this for audio instead of a few of the alternatives because the plugin is quite developed and has attained API stability. This plugin can play video from both a local file (assets) and a distant server (e.g., a website).

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Because they differ from platform to platform, paths might be either simple or complex. Always utilize the path library while working with paths to prevent adding bugs or security flaws to your code. The path provider package enables programmers to rapidly and quickly access frequently used locations on the file systems of Android and iOS, such as app data directories and temp. It facilitates access to directories like documents, privates, and other types of storage both inside and outside. The database path while using the SQFlite library may be obtained by using this package.

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