Cash Deposit Machine Locator – How To Easily Find CDM Near You?


Are you also searching for SBI Cash Disposit Machine near you? Well, it’s not a big deal. Finding an SBI CDM machine near you is easy, and you can find it using google maps on your mobile phone.

Follow the steps suggested in this article to easily locate the nearest SBI Cash Deposit Machine (CDM). 

Before going into the details of finding an SBI CDM near you, let me explain what Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) is. 

What is Cash Deposit Machine (CDM)?

SBI Cash Deposit Machine(CDM) is just like an ATM that allows customers to deposit cash into their bank account using an ATM cum debit card. The main difference between a Cash deposit machine (CDM) and ATM is that ATM is used to withdraw cash while CDM is used to deposit cash. This machine is very easy to use, and you don’t need to visit your branch to deposit cash into your bank account.

Once you follow the steps and deposit the cash, this machine will generate a receipt. There are many benefits of a Cash Deposit Machine.

Features & Benefits of the SBI Cash Deposit Machine?

1. You can deposit cash into their bank account within a few seconds without Visiting the branch

2. In Cash Deposit Machine, you can deposit cash in your PPF, RD, and Loan accounts

3. You can deposit Rs.49,900/- without swiping your card and up to Rs. 2.00 lacs with your card (subject to the account has ceded with PAN number).

4. The CDM Machine only accepts denominations of Rs.100/-, Rs.200/-, Rs.500/- & Rs.2000/-

Now let me explain how to deposit cash in Cash Deposit Machine (CDM)

Depositing cash in a Cash deposit Machine is super easy. Just follow the steps below to deposit cash into your bank account through Cash Deposit Machine (CDM):

Steps To Deposit Cash in SBI Cash Deposit Machine (CDM)?

Step 1. Locate the nearest Cash deposit machine (CDM) and swipe your debit card into the machine slot as you do for an ATM card. Now you have to ask to select a language. Select your preferred language.

Step 2. Enter your Four Digit Pin. Once you enter your PIN, the screen reflects various options. You need to click on Banking.

Step 3. After clicking on banking, the machine automatically shows many options. You need to click on the Deposit button.

Step 4. Now you have to select your account type. Click on Saving if you’re using a savings bank account, or click on Current if you want to deposit cash in your Current account.

Step 5. Once selected, the account type. The CDM machine cash deposit vault is open. Just put your cash into it. Remember, you can only submit notes in the denomination of 100, 200, 500, and 2000.

Step 6. Once you put the cash into the machine, click on confirm. The machine took the note inside and started counting. You will have to wait for a few seconds, and then again machine will show the exact amount you have submitted. Just press confirm if the figure shows the correct amount. Your account will be credited in seconds, and the machine will generate a receipt.

Now let me come to the point. How to locate the CDM near you?

How To Find SBI Cash Deposit Machine Near You?

The easiest method to find Cash Deposit Machine near you is to use Google Maps. Open Google Maps on your mobile phone and type Cash Deposit Machine near me. 

Ensure you have enabled your mobile GPS. It will show all the nearest Cash deposit machines on your screen. Just follow the direction, and you will reach one of the CDM machines.

Apart from this, Various banks offer their own CDM locator. You can use your bank CDM locator to reach one of the machines easily.

Here We’re sharing bank-wise CDM locator links:

Now let us explore the SBI CDM locator.

SBI CDM Locator

SBI CDM locator is the best CDM locator where you can locate the nearest CDM easily on Map. You need to enter your address and radius and press the search button. All the CDM machine within the selected radius is visible to you.

Using the SBI CDM locator, you will find the nearest ATM, Bank branch, Cash POS and Cash Recycler.

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Finding an SBI Cash deposit machine and depositing cash without hassle is now easy. You can locate the CDM near you easily by following the steps suggested.