Things To Remember Before Choosing Finance Company For 2 Wheeler Loan


A two-wheeler is the first choice for any individual. There are various reasons people rely on it; for a few, it might be for the daily commute; for others, it might be to run an errand. If you have been shortlisted to buy your two-wheeler and have run short of resources, you can go with ample two-wheeler loans to support your purchase. Selecting the best finance company to aid your requirement is a task. There are various aspects to look upon before taking credit from any finance company.

These days the best tool in hand available to the customer is the two wheeler loan EMI calculator. It gives you accurate figures in an instant regarding monthly installments based on the rate of interest, repayment tenure, and principal amount.

It would be helpful to look for the below-mentioned aspects before purchasing a two-wheeler loan from a finance company:

Best interest rates

The interest rate is an essential component to keep in mind while taking a loan. Every company has its rate of interest to offer; therefore, you must compare the rates from different lenders before applying for a loan. You get the best interest rates based on various criteria like income, credit score, age, and employment status. A good credit score can give you an edge to bargain more.

Additional features

Apart from the interest rate, other factors also affect the loan like the additional features such as a discount on processing fees, uninterrupted services, flexible payment options, and on-time transfer of funds. Among all the other features, the most unique one turns out to be the two-wheeler loan EMI calculator; it gives accurate figures in seconds based on the undermining factors affecting the installment calculation. Few companies also provide insurance for two-wheeler as an additional feature. These features make the Muthoot finance options of the company more attractive to the customer.

Hassle-free process

A finance company providing uninterrupted services to the customer is more appealing to purchase a 2-wheeler loan. Hassle-free customer services like online application, minimal documentation, quick disbursal of funds, and 24*7 customer support.

Coverage of costs

It is a good source of financing when the two-wheeler’s on-road price is either 90% or fully covered. Many lenders provide the option of fully covering the on-road price of the two-wheeler without any down payment. The cost of insurance, accessorizing, and refurbishing the two-wheeler is also covered to a certain extent.


A two-wheeler loan is a type of financing that lessens the burden on your pockets and puts the savings to some other use. Selecting a finance company to apply for a loan is a significant task, and one cannot overlook any aspect while deciding. As mentioned above, the points help you look for certain factors while choosing the finance company before undertaking any credit. You may compare the features of various lenders in the marketplace and then go for the one that suits your requirements.

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