Side Hustles That Won’t Eat Up Your Leisure Time

Side Hustles

No matter where in the U.S. you’re based, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to make ends meet every month. With wages consistently failing to reflect the increased cost of living, many of us are just barely managing to scrape by. When looking for effective ways to generate more income, you can’t go wrong with a good side hustle. However, not all of us have the time and/or stamina to undertake a second job in earnest. If this describes your situation, take care to look into the following leisure time-friendly side hustles.

Capitalize on Your Creative Talents

In the age of the gig economy, there are more opportunities than ever for people to capitalize on their creative talents. For example, if you fancy yourself a gifted scribe, consider taking on freelance writing jobs. Similarly, if you have a knack for creating eye-catching art, peruse job boards for graphic design gigs.

Anyone who’s ever dreamt of writing the next great novel will be pleased to learn that finding an audience for their work has become much easier in the digital age. While traditional publishers still serve an important purpose, the web is now home to a convenient assortment of self-publishing platforms that enable authors to deliver their work directly to audiences and claim the lion’s share of the profits. So, if attracting the attention of a literary agent and big-name publisher has caused you nothing but frustration, self-publishing may serve as the perfect workaround.

Drive for a Rideshare or Food Delivery Service

If you have a dependable vehicle and know your way around your city or township, becoming a driver for a rideshare or food delivery service can provide you with a decent amount of additional income. In fact, depending on how much demand there is for such services in your local area, you may even be able to turn this side hustle into your primary income source.
One of the best things about working for these services is having the ability to set your own schedule. Although the exact terms and conditions vary from service to service, many of these companies allow drivers to work whenever they want – which can be particularly convenient for people who already work full-time and are unable to commit to a second work schedule that has no regard for their personal lives.

Start a Dog Walking Service

If you love dogs and are comfortably able to handle more than one canine at once, starting a dog walking service may be right up your alley. The scope of your service will depend on how much time you wish to devote to this venture, but if you live in a neighborhood that has a large number of dog owners, you stand to turn a healthy profit. Additionally, if you find that you have an affinity for dog walking and wish to turn it into your full-time occupation, you may want to consider expanding beyond a single neighborhood. Still, if you wish to treat dog walking purely as a side hustle, it helps if your regular job involves working unconventional hours or operating from home, as this will put you in a good position to cater to customers who work traditional nine-to-five.

Invest in a Rental Property

When considering ways to generate passive income vs earned income, rental property investments may prove worth your time and attention. A well-maintained rental property in an area with ample demand can rake in a small fortune in passive income each month, so if you’ve ever considered becoming a landlord, there’s no time like the present to start exploring investment options in your locale. In fact, such an investment may produce enough passive income to warrant investing in other rentals and potentially turning rental property ownership into a full-time career.

There’s little wonder as to why economic anxiety has run rampant over the past few years. With rental rates and home prices skyrocketing amid perpetual wage stagnation, millions of Americans have found it increasingly difficult to keep a roof over their heads and afford basic living expenses. If you count yourself among them, finding an additional source of income can help alleviate some of the financial pressure you’re under. Anyone on the hunt for a side hustle that won’t dominate their leisure time should consider the options outlined above.

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