Android App Development Trends in 2022?

Android App Development

Are you a startup or an enterprise looking to expand your business collaterals and searching for android app development services? Wait, before you take the decision. Learn about the new android app development trends. In order to stay ahead of time and work in contrast to the current market moods. You must be aware of the insights from the industry.

When it comes to stepping into the world of smartphones and developing your app, Android is the go-to platform. If you’re interested in developing an app for the Android platform, it’s important to hire the right android app development services. There are a lot of options available, and it can be difficult to choose the best one. Ultimately, the decision comes down to what you want your app to do and how much money you want to spend. If you’re just starting out and don’t have any ideas yet, hiring a development team can give you the guidance and support you need to get started.

These development trends are curated by a top android app development company that is empowering businesses to make informed decisions.

Enterprise and startups should be aware of the hottest trends in app development. And should guide app developers to incorporate them to give the users a unique feel and best experience.

Top Android App Development rends for 2022

Android apps are always transforming; they are the ones who are facing new impeccable changes every year. The user experience must suggest the changes and be brought to Google later. As a company that wants to get its android application app designed and developed. You need to exemplify the trends and stay one step ahead of your competition.


  1. Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology has been making rounds lately; now, it has become the most desired commodity. Blockchain technology provides seamless solutions to decentralized application development that eliminates any unauthorized access and boosts transparency.

It is expected that the Blockchain market will grow exponentially. And the technology associated will be embraced unanimously. The apps that have integrated Blockchain solutions are the future of mobile app development. Because they are fast, reliable and are tamper-proof.

Using Blockchain technology, android app development companies can maintain strict security protocols. This technology can be the fool-proof way for many financial segments like banks. And currency exchanges to protect the finances of their customers.


  1. Navigation Component

The navigation in application development refers to different interaction that allows users to move around within the app. The implications can range from a button (CTA or any other) to a click on an intricate pattern such as a navigation drawer.

The navigation component also benefits when it allows a predictable user experience. It helps the developer to follow the stated navigated principles.

  1. Internet of things (IoT)

Last year, the key app development trends enlisted IoT as the primary factor. And this year the story isn’t much different. In Android, these patterns wind up converting into large numbers of the Android things that permit the engineers. To construct the gadgets on the highest point of the referred to equipment stages like Raspberry Pi. Best of all, engineers don’t need any earlier information on inserting the framework plan to begin. The designers can create the applications utilizing Android Studio and Android SDK.

The presentation of 5G will open the entryway for additional gadgets and information traffic. As per a few reports, the fifth-era remote organization innovation is relied upon to associate 1.5 billion gadgets all around the world before long.

It is likewise express that the worldwide IoT associations will significantly increase to 25 billion by 2025. While IoT income universally will fourfold to $1.1 trillion.

So, IoT will zero in on creating savvy parking areas, street lamps, and traffic lights. Separated from propelling the accommodation and modern areas.


  1. Multiplatform Development (Flutter)

Google has introduced a new technology named Flutter, which is being as the future of android development. Flutter is a cross-platform framework that helps in developing beautiful apps with a single codebase.

Many developers have been selecting this platform to build mobile apps due to its flexible nature. The primary reasons to choose Flutter are that it is effortless to learn, has a native design, etc.

It is one of the preferred frameworks for minimum viable product development. This means that instead of spending extravagance on two different apps. You can quickly build an app on native platforms such as iOS or Android.

With the latest update, Google took Flutter beyond mobile and to the web. Flutter developers are now able to target macOS, Windows and Linux, and other embedded devices. The desktop support provided by Flutter also includes plugins that support various platforms.

The new Flutter and Dart update have been release with Substantial Performance Improvements from its contemporary releases. Flutter is prepared for creating apps for iOS, Android, Fuchsia, web & desktop with new platform support. Moreover, they are in talks with Ubuntu for Linux apps, Microsoft’s Android Surface Duo, and Windows 10X. Which will be accessible soon.

Some prominent progressions made in Flutter in 2021 includes:

  • decreased size and latency
  • less janky animations, and quicker treatment of UTF-8 strings
  • mouse cursor support
  • new widgets such as Interactive viewer making pen
  • zoom and drag-n-drop
  • range slider and date picker revamped
  • integrating Flutter to the current application made suitable with Pigeon
  • Improved help for Metal on iOS and new Material gadgets.


  1. Chatbot

In the coming years, we will witness more and more businesses integrating AI and ChatBot in customer support. We will see that numerous entrepreneurs would be enthusiastic about coordinating their application administrations with the Google Assistant.

The essential benefit of putting resources into such a mix is that it gives clients quicker methods of getting to the application straightforwardly. By utilizing the Google application activities. The clients gain access to an application’s insightful connection. Which permits them to perform explicit exercises inside the application from the Google Assistant. Google, in 2020 reported that they would deliver another component for Google aide at CES.

The new element called “Planned Actions” will allow clients to speak with savvy gadgets through Google right hand like turn on/off a shrewd gadget. Make an espresso, and so on. The component will be fit for controlling 20 home gadgets, including lights, espresso machines, AC units, and some more.


  1. Motion Layout

Motion layout is the format utilize by the designers to deal with the movement and the gadget activities within the applications. This tool is a piece of the Constraint Layout library and is workable with Android 4.0.

With these libraries, the group can rapidly top off every one of the holes between the perplexing movement taking care of and format advances. These devices are known to offer very good quality and helpful elements. Designers will be seen utilizing Motion Layout to make various points of interaction that utilization the liveliness. Assisting them with getting what the deal with the application is.


Every year new technologies are making their way to simplify and improve our way of developing mobile applications. It is up to us how we leverage the new methods and make the most of the latest tech.

Looking at the trends above, we can claim that the android application is growing rapidly. And is proving to be a seamless operating platform for users.

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