What is xResolver? Top Features [+7 Alternatives]


There are billions of online Gamers across the world who are fond of playing Counter-Strike, PUBG, Minecraft, and similar categories of games. Joining online communities remains a major part of all such games.

However, it is literally impossible to find out with whom you are gaming with. Xresolver is an invention that helps you to identify the IP address and the location of the opponent playing with you. The Handy features of the tool are going to make your gaming experience more delightful, safe, and enjoyable.

What Is xResolver?

xResolver is an popular web based application/tool that helps to store IP address, gamerstag, username, and location of the opponent gamers. xResolver records the Gamertags and IP addresses of the Xbox, Playstation, and PC players. This is one of the most resorted tools in the online gaming world today. It authentically gives you the details about the location and IP address of the player. It is one of the best options for PlayStation and Xbox users across the globe.

With so many tools already existing to identify the IP address of online Gamers, Xresolver is better because of its handy features. It does not have any technical way of using it. Any person who loves online gaming would be able to manage it very well.

Download the latest version of Xresolver that comes with more features for assisting you. It comes with added benefits like phone lookup, IP storage, and IP logger. Xresolver has been constantly given the competition with similar alternatives like Xbox resolver and Octosniff. All the available features are easy to download without needing to make any extra installation or download.

Xresolver provides a better security level and is not illegal.  This is a great online gaming tool that can make you more engaged in your favorite online game.

Top 5 Features Of xResolver:

1. Identifying geographical location

Are you interested in finding out the geographical location of the opponent online gamer? Xresolver lets you do that with the help of geo IP lookup service. This is one of the most imperative features of Xresolver that lets you access important data related to IP. You just have to press the lookup option to dig out the relevant information.

2. IP logger

Generate customized links and send them to people in order to extract their IP addresses. Customizing links generated in the tool is very important from geo IP information point of view. It can help to extract all the relevant details related to the operating Browser and location. It adds functionality and helps to detect Incognito mode at the same time.

3. Both PSN username and gamer tag resolver

Xresolver offers great features for both PlayStation and Xbox users. There is a whole set of data present in the tool that simplifies the process of digging IP addresses. You do not have to hunt all over the internet and deal with thousands of bots to find a username or gamer tag from now on. Xresolver has artificial intelligence that makes things more feasible and manageable. Every day there are thousands of entries added while increasing its overall database.

4. Absolutely user friendly

The workability of Xresolver is very simple and it just takes a couple of minutes to identify the opponent player online. Simply press the resolve option and you will be able to receive the IP address. You can also find out the gamer tag through a similar process.

5. Black listing personal IP address

Blacklisting is an important feature that has to be separately purchased in Xresolver. This allows others online Gamers to detect your IP address and personal data. No matter how hard one scraps the internet, you will still remain out of Reach for them.

How to use xResolver?

You can go for the free or premium version of Xresolver depending on your budget size and requirement. A simple sign up process would help you to create credentials like username and password. The premium access to the features comes at a price of $ 7.99 per month that can be paid via debit or credit card. One of the best resolvers of all time is the favorite of Gamers across the globe.

7 Best xResolver Alternatives

There are many alternatives to Xresolver which have been discussed below. It is always better to have more than one option in hand when it comes to digging out the hidden part of the Internet world. Xresolver is no doubt the Ultimate tool for an uninterrupted gaming experience. Somehow, there are more alternatives that can literally make you the master of online gaming and hacking-

1. PS4 booter

PS4 booter can easily grab and reveal the IP address of the opponent. The tool is known for following the same strategies as Xresolver. It also teaches you to boot the competitor’s IP address offline and ensure 100% winning. The game-changing tool reduces the lag of your gaming console and lets you play by hiding your personal IP address.

2. Octosniff

If you reach out to the official website of Octosniff, you would easily find that the tool can add filters to the internet package and also remove encryption from the username. It also reveals the IP address related to the username especially when you use PlayStation gaming.  Octosniff is an optimal tool for Gamers who are prone to use Windows, PS3, PS4, Xbox, 360, Xbox series, and Xbox One.

3. Xboxonebooter

This is another alternative to Xresolver that can quickly reveal the IP address when you play using your Xbox gaming console. You can easily win you know with whom you are gaming online. 

People who are slightly into unhealthy gaming practices can specifically select Xboxonebooter. It can readily send an attack to boot the competitor gamer offline and help you throughout the process with the available guide.

4. Lanc remastered PCPS

The open-source online website also works as a mobile phone application. It unhides the gamer tag and gives you the related database. Lanc remastered pcps utilize the resolve platform to Unleash the Gamertag and IP address. It is completely compatible with PSN and PC and Xbox consoles.

5. Xbox replay

Xbox replay easily lets you obtain the IP address, geographical location, and vital information of the person playing on the opposite side. It is an open-source website that is already the favorite of many digital Gamers across the globe. The algorithm of the tool is very handy and works on the basis of screenshots and Xbox clips in order to identify the gamer tag

6. Boot you

One of the most recommended resolvers for finding out the geolocation domain and IP address of the pinger. Bootyou is absolutely safe to be used and is regarded among the most trusted Ip location finders of all time. It uses a hashed database and HTTPS to function. The website receives plenty of visitors every day and has a customer care cell that is accessible through live chat, Skype, email, and more.

7. IP location finder

Last but not least alternative to Xresolver is an IP location finder. It instantly finds out the IP address, geo-location, time zone, latitude, longitude, and ISP provider of the person who is playing against you

FAQs about xResolver

What is Xresolver all about?

The Handy online tool helps to identify the IP address of the player along with his gamer tag online.

Which are the best Xresolver alternatives

The best Xresolver alternatives include Xbox resolver PSN resolver and Octosniff.

Is it possible to store the IP address of the opponent player using Xresolver

The tool Comes with IP storage feature which lets you store and organize IP address and geographical location of the opponent player.

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Final Words

Xresolver is a very vital tool when it comes to identifying the anti-social behavior of the dark web world. It helps to store the private information of the opponent online gamer and lets you obtain their IP address with utter convenience. It helps to add a layer of security during your online gaming experience.

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