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The tourism or travel business has been devastated due to the arrival of the Covid-19 outbreak. There are many countries, societies, and industries that are still battling this outbreak. On the other hand, the recovery process for many import/export or travel industries is becoming complicated day by day due to lockdowns around the globe. However, many companies have started working remotely. As per the Harvard study, the economic growth of many businesses is still affected even after the arrival of vaccines. Which cannot stop.

From 2020 to still the world is suffering from a pandemic. But there is some travel business in Dubai that are still running. Just because they strictly follow the SOPs for Covid-19. While planning any travel-related thing companies are following the rules and regulations. In this blog, we will tell you how Covid-19 has changed the face of the tourism industry. So without any further delay, let’s get started.

Travel Business’s Face is Changed Due to Covid-19

1. Industries are Following SOPs Strictly:

After the arrival of this pandemic, many industries are way aware and strictly following all precautions. On 20 June 2020, I experienced a desert safari in Dubai. That tour was experienced in the open desert, where there were Bedouin camp facilities. The tour operators were checking the temperature upon arrival. Their vehicles are sanitized before or after the dune bashing or other desert activities. They provided masks for those who had not. Moreover, in the Bedouin camp, there was a social distancing setup. Like in the 6 hours, they admired all the possible precautions they could do for their guest or customers.

2. 24 Hours Customer Support:

This 24-hour customer support has become mandatory because of the pandemic. During this pandemic, many tourism industries looking for representatives for the 24 hours of customer support. Whether it’s travel restrictions, medical assistance, flexible bookings, insurance or any country-based guidelines. Where the tourism industry management firm can help with that.

3. Flexible Booking:

Before the arrival of Covid-19, many travelers wished for this flexible booking. In the past months, people needed to cancel multiple bookings. This has brought the fact that canceling booking was frustrating and time-consuming. The main reason behind this, there are many industries from different platforms. When they modify or cancel the booking. Where in different online wallets, they left money. On the other hand, after this Covid-19 outbreak, many organizations will be hiring management platforms and travel business booking. That provides them with a large number of flights, cabs, hotels, buses, and more. So if anyone desires to modify or cancel the booking. They are eligible to use the refunds more judicially and quickly. Moreover, people can also save a solid amount of funds by cutting down on unessential expenses.

Along with it, they will get a chance to avail discount or modifications and get a suggestion for the cheaper booking.

4. The Involvement of Workers in Travel Planning:

Many businesses have again started meeting in person from meeting online on a video call. This means people have started flying from country to country. But there are some precautions and SOPs which will have to admire to save from this outbreak. Long story short workers would have more opportunities for the hotel’s sanitization protocols information, direct flights, and real-time updates on any disruptions, cancellations, and delays.

Due to these reasons, organizations will gain from workers in a business travel management solution. Which provides them with numerous flight selections for business-friendly hotels, an instant approval system, free booking modifications, and 24-hour on-trip assistance. The platforms like these, workers will get a chance to share their ideas and will be more involved in the planning.

5. Business Travel Innovations will be Shifted:

The travel business will be completely recovered by 2025 according to a Harvard study. However, the SOPs such as social distancing and sanitization protocols will remain normal. Where people must follow them to maintain the environment. Another reason is that companies will have to be aware of such innovations. That encourages online to safeguard workers’ welfare and health. Just like this, the apparatus would be required to support the latest documents. Such as a passport for the vaccine which may become in the snaps. Moreover, there are many tools that provide support via cloud technology such as Innovative travel management tools.

Not only cloud-based technologies but contactless boarding and real-time updates. These tools not only assist in the Covid-19 essentials but also cover the people’s way for years to come.

6. The Pattern for Many Industries will be Changed Forever:

As we are facing this world adventure, which we used to call “Covid-19”. The tourism industry needs to be more mindful than before the arrival of this venture. But along with this strategy, putting these things in a little more thought. Moreover, with these, the organization will make sure their worker’s safety and welfare. Along with safety, they will also make sure that the company will not lose money. If they need to go the onboard changes in their plans. There are many business travel management that will make their travel business plans effort plans. It offers many organizations real-time dynamic costs for flights and hotels. For the customized booking experience, there will be history records and let workers review the expenses, bookings, and tourism activity from one point.


As new Covid-19 variants have come for the recovery of travel business. Making this global rundown of supported vaccinations is only one of four stages that WTTC has laid out as a component of its arrangement for safe worldwide travel. Different advances include: “an information-driven, hazard-based and universally fit way to deal with restoring opportunity of development;” “worldwide appropriation of ‘computerized wellbeing passes’ which empower voyagers to effortlessly acquire and confirm their immunization status, negative COVID-19 test outcome or normal resistance from a past contamination;” and “proceeded with the execution of excellent wellbeing and security guidelines all through all spaces of the movement and the travel industry area during the Covid-19 or pandemic.

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