Learn How to Get Canada Business Visa

Business Visa To Canada

Canada is an affluent country with a high rate of employment and low inflation. Its per capita GDP is one of the highest in the world, translating to strong purchasing power for consumers. Add to this their low tax rates, and this country is an attractive hub for businesses.

The first thing to tick off if you intend to do business in the Great North is obtaining a business visa for Canada. Only then can businesses, entrepreneurs, and executives enter the country for activities like:

  • Meet potential investors or buyers
  • Survey the market
  • Sign agreements
  • Attend trade shows
  • Training employees of a Canadian company
  • Purchasing raw materials or services for your business
  • Launch your products in the open market

If you’re interested in doing any of the above business activities or more, you need a Business Visa to Canada. This article gives you all the information on obtaining a business visa to Canada and taking your business overseas.

Who is Eligible for a Business Visa to Canada?

A businessman looking to travel to Canada needs to fulfill certain requirements with the embassy. This ensures that upon their arrival, they do not try to get employed illegally on a business visa. All activities conducted in Canada on a business visa need to be limited to business only. Hence, anyone seeking a business visa in Canada needs to fulfill the following:

  • Have your own business in a country outside of Canada or be a representative of such a business
  • Proof of income from a place outside of Canada
  • Proof of having the invitation to develop a relationship with a Canadian company or to attend a trade show/conference
  • Having a sound record of business travel to other countries is an added advantage

In addition to the above requirements, an applicant also needs to meet the conditions for a temporary resident visa, including:

  1. Be 18 years of age
  2. Have a valid passport
  3. Prove proficiency in English or French
  4. Have no criminal record
  5. Be ready to pay the visa application fees
  6. Fill and sign a Visa Application Centre (VAC) Consent Form
  7. Have enough funds to cover your stay
  8. Prove that you do not plan to work or study in Canada
  9. Go through a medical examination of necessary
  10. Be willing to attend an interview or biometric examination
  11. Submit documents regarding your current immigration status in Canada or another country
  12. Prove that your stay in Canada is temporary

A business visa to Canada is valid for six months or less to ensure the holder returns after their business purpose is met. Even if your visa is for 5 or 10 years, you cannot stay in Canada for more than six months at a time.

What is the Process to Obtain a Business Visa to Canada?

Get Your Documents in Order

Firstly, you will have to gather all the documents needed for a temporary resident visa to Canada, as stated above. This includes a valid passport, and medical & financial clearance, among others. Additionally, you will need to furnish these documents about your business:

Your complete travel itinerary or description of activities you intend to do while on business travel to Canada
A letter of invitation for visa application from the concerned business, trade show, conference or client you are meeting
The registration documents of your business or the business you are a representative of
If you are a representative, a letter from your employee stating your job title

Submit Your Application & Pay Visa Fees

Once your documents are in order, you can submit your online business visa application and pay the fees of CAD 100. If you have to undergo a biometric exam, that means an additional CAD 85.

What is A Canada Start-up Visa, and How Is It Different?

So far, we discussed the process to obtain a visa to conduct business activities in Canada. Alternatively, there is another kind of business visa to Canada known as the Canada Start-up Visa. If you wish to establish a subsidiary of your business in Canada, you’ll need to obtain this visa. It can be done by applying through the immigration program.

First up, you will have to check if you are eligible to receive a Canada Start-up Visa. You will need:

  • A qualifying business
  • A letter of support from a designated organization in Canada that has agreed to help you establish operations in Canada
  • Enough money to move and settle in Canada
  • Proof of Language Proficiency
  • A clean criminal record
  • A valid passport
  • The willingness to undergo a medical examination

There is a list of designated organizations on the Canada Immigration website. You will have to obtain a letter of support before you begin the visa process. Once you check your eligibility, you can apply for your Canada Start-up Visa online. You will need:

  • Give your biometrics
  • Obtain the package of application which includes a document checklist and an instruction guide
  • Pay the application fees and the biometrics fees
  • Pay third-party fees concerning medical examinations, police certificates, and language testing

Once you have all the documents and clearances, you can submit your application. The processing time for this kind of visa can take months as it involves permanently moving to Canada.

We hope expanding your business and obtaining a business visa to Canada seems a lot easier after this article!

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