The Five Nations That Make The Most Cash Through Tourism

Tourism industries

Over the past few years, tourism has taken a real hit, and for some countries, that’s meant significant losses and a catastrophic impact on people’s livelihoods. However, the number of people traveling is beginning to increase once again, and revenue from tourism is on the increase again.

But where in the world are the nations that make the most from tourism? We run down the top five…


It’s perhaps no surprise to see the USA top the charts. It’s a country that has everything, from the sun-kissed beaches of Florida and California to the big city living of New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. Then there’s the rest of it. The skiing in Colorado, the relaxed vibes of Hawaii and the not-so-relaxed, action-packed resort city of Las Vegas.

The USA hauled in $68.8billion from tourism last year, with that figure rising post-COVID as well as seeing tourists enjoy the benefits of new laws and regulations in the likes of Nevada, New York and other states, which are now legalizing online casino gameplay across sites like 777, opening up another revenue stream for tourists as well as locals. That’s certainly helped the likes of Nevada and New Jersey recover, while major events such as the Super Bowl and Wrestlemania are also contributing significantly to local economies once again by welcoming tourists from both home and overseas.


While revenue earned through tourism for France is still well below that of 2019, we are starting to see a recovery as people fly into the likes of Paris, Nice and the Loire Valley. Paris has always been a hotspot for tourists and is the second most visited city on the planet after Bangkok.

France made around $41billion from tourism in 2021, ahead of Spain, a nation which had been previously ahead of the country. Much of that is going through Paris, as people look to take in the sights of the Eiffel Tower, Louvre and the Arc de Triomphe, while the south of the country is also a hotbed of tourists looking to enjoy the sunshine and sea.


The impact of the pandemic on Spain was severe when it came to tourism. Between 2019 and 2021, the revenue generated for the nation dropped from $79.7 billion to just $34.5 billion, causing huge financial problems for many business owners that are reliant on tourists coming through their doors.

That was particularly the case in coastal regions, with many bars and restaurants forced to close their doors. However, Spanish resorts still enjoyed the third-highest revenue figures worldwide when it came to tourism last year.


It’s a similar story with Italy. Revenue from tourism is at around half of what it was in 2019, earning the nation around $25.2 billion. The nation has tons to offer, from the fashion houses of Milan to the rolling Tuscan hills where wine and olive oil are aplenty. There are beaches, history and so much more in the nation, which is why it’s been a longstanding nation when it comes to revenue earned.

The UK

In 2019, the UK generated more revenue than Italy through tourism, but it fell significantly short of the nation last year, collecting $22.2 billion through tourism, slightly ahead of Germany.

London is a key stop off for most tourists from overseas, while the likes of the Yorkshire Dales, Liverpool and Edinburgh all provide the nation with plenty of visitors, thanks to their natural beauty, cultural heritage and rich history.