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The business has changed its ways and has evolved with the advent and advancement of digital technology. This gave rise to new ways of doing business. The most prominent concept that evolved and grew is an online business. The ease and convenience of online business made it more popular and suppliers and buyers connected through this medium.  All the traders want to grow their business by traveling through the world. The export and import business is a new complication that raises concerns in the mind of traders. But the escrow trading feature has solved the problem by providing the advanced option of cash in advance. This saves the trades from being vulnerable to any kind of cyber fraud. This advancement took the business-to-business portal to another level of perfection. Advanced technology options have taken the business to

List of top 9 B2B Platforms

  • eWorldTrade
  • Amazon
  • Alibaba
  • DHgate
  • eBay
  • Ali Express
  • Global Source
  • ECPlaza
  • ECVV


eWorldTrade tops the list because it provides fast and advanced options to make the buyers and sellers meet each other. The headquarter is located in the United States. It is prominently known for providing services to Chinese suppliers involve in the CPEC project. The platform has almost 5 million subscribers. It is a great platform that provides a platform for all the buyers and sellers to meet each other from different parts of the world.




Amazon has gained huge popularity in the B2B world by extending its exclusive service to clients. It provides buyers and sellers with a targeted approach to reach its potential audience. Its prominent features are fast shipping and an easy-to-navigate web portal. Many small businesses can use the site to increase the visibility of their business. It offers easy features that help the clients in making purchase. Repeated orders can be made easily as it sets them.



Alibaba is the most prominent platform for providing quality services to traders.  It gave tough co petition to its traders by generating 1.1 trillion dollars. This revenue was more even after combining the total revenue of its competitor in the year 2012. The headquarter of the platform lies in China. It extending its services to 35 million subscribers. It provides advanced features to its users by offering an escrow trading feature that saves them from any cyber fraud. It has been featured in the economist magazine for generating huge revenue and winning the competition.



DHgate offers importers to buy goods at wholesale prices. It has many online users each up to 5 million in number and extends its services to more than 227 countries around the world. The popularity of the platform can be known by the fact that it lies among the 2100 most visited pages in the world. It provides the advanced option of searching for the product along with the product name. It offers different items like electronics, gadgets, sports accessories, decorative items, etc. Moreover, it breaks the geographical barrier by providing services in many different languages. These languages include Chinese, German, French, Portuguese, French, German, and Russian. It has proved to be a secure platform by providing a buyer protection plan. It also provides a secure refund policy.



It is one of the biggest B2B platforms that is known internationally for its user-friendly website. It features all small and medium-sized businesses. It offers a fast delivery option to the users. This huge platform has 230 million users that are registered and 114 million active users.  eBay offers three features that include trading, marketplace, and StubHub. Trading is used to trade goods, the marketplace is for buying and selling services. eBay has the quality of providing different and unique products that are not offered by every other platform. Furthermore, it offers an auction feature to its user that can be used to auction products.


Ali Express


Ali Express started as a B2C website but the platform offers huge products and has a big list of buyers, manufacturers, and sellers. It is used by many small and medium-sized businesses to place orders in bulk. It is beneficial and suitable for this business because it is quite affordable. It has attracted millions of subscribers by providing quality products at affordable prices. Moreover, the website offers easy navigation. Ali expresses lies among the most used websites in Russia and is also known for offering no minimum order limit.  Authenticity is among the most prominent features of the platform because it requires all its sellers to submit their documents for authenticity check. It offers various shipping features from normal to premium shipping. This is why it lies among the ten most trusted websites in ten the world.        


Global Sources

It is a huge platform that offers more than 500 product categories and products as many as 5000. The consumer just needs to type the name of the product to get to it easily. Global sources have made efforts to make the B2B trade much better. Global sources organize fairs to connect different suppliers and buyers under one roof. Global sources are the shareholder of the most famous exhibition in Southern China. The participants belong to Hong Kong and China. Its brand recognition can be justified by the fact that as many as 95 % of manufacturers and suppliers use global sources for collaboration.




ECPlaza offers services in chine, English, Japanese and Korean. It extends its services to four million users through its website. Also, it offers EDI services and trade consultation as well. It is well known for its cost-effectiveness and convenience. Search engines show the web portal on top rankings. It also offers information to various sellers and buyers. It provides quality [products by featuring quality brands. Moreover. ECPlaza offers 4 million offers on its web portal being the largest in the world.



It is a famous name in the world of B2B. Different buyers and sellers are available on the platform to offer reliable services to traders. All the suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and buyers go through a strict verification process to prove their authenticity.  The number of buyers has searched 8 million that belong to 200 different companies. The number of registered users on the platform has grown to 2 million.    



All the above-mentioned B2B platforms are the rising and most business. Valuable service with authentic and reliable platforms is available to all clients. They provide immense benefits like huge market opportunities and recurring orders to all their clients.  It is an epackage for all three traders with reliable, credible, authentic, and trusted services.

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