Top 7 Marketing Tips For Your Small Business

Marketing tips for small business

We know just how hard small businesses have to work and on top of that, small businesses also involve more personal investment, we understand how much you put into your work. So, we hope you can work smarter, not harder – let these tips help you capitalize on help already available in the marketing world.

Why do small businesses need to consider marketing?

Small businesses are at an inherent disadvantage to bigger firms with a sizable budget, history, and visibility. To offset this, small businesses need to make use of clever strategies and appeal to the target market in the best possible way to secure success. Marketing is the umbrella term for the best possible way because it’s how people will know you and your brand, which is how you succeed.

7 top tips to market your small business

A lot of the time, when you’re a small business, it can be isolating and you’re by yourself – we’ve put these together, so you don’t have to do it all on your own. Take a look at these top tips and think about which fits you best and how you can make use of the marketing strategy within each.

1) Animated explainer videos

Videos catch attention visually, the movement is beneficial, and good design can be very memorable. The use of animation also means spending less money on actors and filming and producing content that is more diverse, accessible, and faster.

‘Explainer’ is a big part of this, because helping people to know about things related to your product or service establishes the brand as an authority and strengthens your public image.

2) SEO

SEO services make the most of keywords and research to maximize the position in the search results. Boosting visibility has obvious advantages, and the positive results of being more known engender more visibility in itself; SEO services enable a positive upward spiral.

By establishing yourself in the search results, not only do you generate traffic and subsequent followers, sales, and customers, SEO services contribute to the establishment of a brand identity consistently throughout the content on and offsite. This, in turn, generates opportunities in itself. Working with an SEO freelancer can be extremely beneficial for small businesses to deliver their SEO requirements.

3) Email Campaigns

Push your product by sending content or sit in people’s mailboxes and be there ready for when they need you – it’s up to you. Use the time, season, day, and holiday to maximize success, and choose thoughtfully. Email campaigns are an effective way to reach a large audience. However, if you’re looking to increase the security and legitimacy of your email campaigns, look no further than email verification services. These services will help verify the identity of your recipients and ensure that they are who they claim to be. This can help reduce the chances of your emails being hacked or spammed, and ensure that your message is delivered to the people you intended it to reach.

Work out whether you’ll use emails, e-shots, newsletters, or something else, who your target audience is, how your customer will receive it, when it will be sent or scheduled, and received, and how you’re framing or exposing the product. All of these things will impact your success.

4) Animated Social Media Ads

Realistically, a lot of us spend a lot of time on social media. As well as in our personal lives, when you’re a small business or work in marketing, it’s in a professional capacity too. So, how to get that time to be most effective and most active for your business?

Using animated social media ads is about catching the attention that people are already giving out, about things they’re already interested in or can be persuaded to engage.

5) Customer Testimonial Video

Nothing is more positive than someone saying they can attest to the fact you did well. A video is more noticeable, more impactful, and more memorable than written content; people trust real people and face more than words in reviews.

The people-focused approach shows the value of feedback to the brand, which nurtures customer base relationships, and the customer often has features that can be highlighted to add weight to their support, for example, a passion in the field or professional experience.

6) Company Story Video

People love a good story, especially when you’re a small business. A company story video is a big opportunity to pitch your brand identity neatly and succinctly, in an engaging way – personalization makes you more memorable.

Small businesses often have to charge more, so show people why and what that’s going towards; this makes them infinitely more prepared to spend. Customer loves the concept of supporting dreams and real people and when you show them that they’re investing in your future over the corporations, it’s a big selling point.

7) Utilise your creative content

Use your creative content across socials, your website, within emails, with PowerPoints, and everywhere else. Make use of your creative thread through different media to offer the continuity of a cohesive, professional image that shows just how much you’ve got it together.

Creativity is vital in marketing. There are so many things that need marketing and so much advertising, you win when you stand out. Media is everywhere, which means there are very few places where you can’t access people. Use judgment to tailor content to the situation, keep it appropriate but don’t be afraid to be daring and different.

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These 7 tips will help you build your concept of successful marketing. Take a look into them, there’s no need to just pick one; you can maximize by capitalizing on all, or at least some of them! Choose a service that represents you and your ethos in your marketing, so that you know you’re getting yourself across. Small businesses have to have each other’s back, find someone who has yours.

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