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gold foil boxes

Gold foil boxes

Progress demands perfection, not just in the quality but also in the display. How a product appears in the eyes of a customer is the true game-changer of any brand. Perhaps, classy packaging has become an utmost need rather than just a necessity. Displaying the products in gold foil boxes is the trendiest way to show them. The striking golden glow of gold foil can never go wrong in cracking the customers. You can give your products all the gorgeous and stunner look that other brands are majorly missing. The metallic glow of these boxes makes them exceptional from the others.

The most updated version of the packaging

There is no exaggeration in saying that gold foil boxes are the best containers to store all your precious items. No other packaging style can compete with their breathtaking sparkle. Everything that gets inside these boxes gets its value doubled. There is no better packaging option for luxury items than gold-coated boxes. The luxurious look they give to any product is simply matchless.

Give your products the utmost premium look

Regardless of how many packaging options are available in the market, the custom silver foil boxes have their own allure. Their sparkling appearance is beyond comparison. They are perfect to use as gift boxes or decorative packaging. Putting your presents inside a golden box is a great way of expressing your tenderness towards someone. The use of these boxes makes a brand get a little more recognition.

The construction of these boxes

The gold foil packaging gets its foremost charm because of its splendid construction. The coating of gold foil sheets on the cardboard material gives them their popular glowy look. Then comes the process of foil stamping in which the gold foil affixes the boxes. This process is also known as hot foil stamping. These are the various types of stamping that can be applied to a gold foil box:

  • Holographic coating

In this type of stamping, the boxes get a ravishing 3D appearance. The strike of reflecting shades induces a rainbow-like impact. These types of boxes have their best use in the cosmetic or perfume industry, because of their endearing effect. Holographic stamping makes the whole disposition of packaging even more exciting.

  • Pigment coating

This type of foil stamping is available in a variety of colors and themes. Custom silver foil boxes with pigmented foiling on them are used to enclose various jewelry items. One drawback of this coating is that they do not give the boxes a metallic luster.

  • Metallic coating

This perhaps is one of the most basic types of coating. The metallic makes the boxes shine bright on a retail shelf. Their star-like twinkling is easily detectable, even from far away. A metallic finish can make a customer more attracted to your brand. The whole point of gold foil boxes is to give the boxes a dazzling look that they otherwise will not have.

Outstanding defensive system

It is probably a matter of great concern to deliver all your products, to the customers, in their best possible condition. Where the beauty of a box should not be compromised, so should its durability. A beautiful box without effective toughness is of no use. Nobody would ever want to get their product in poor conditions. Many brands have to struggle hard and most of them lose their dignity just because the boxes were not efficient enough to protect the product. The use of gold foil packaging can be big support for any brand to deal with this situation.

These boxes primarily are made out of cardboard material, wrapped up in a gold sheet, which makes them look more appealing. The durability of cardboard material is enough to keep all the delicate products from all sorts of harmful accidents. Therefore, the endless qualities of cardboard material make it the most suitable packaging material.

Various spectacular types and styles

You can always modify the box as per your own requirement. There are no boundaries that restrict you from getting your kind of boxes. A bit of a unique touch can sometimes become the best proponent. The golden foil packaging has the ability to transform itself into any shape and design. Whereas, you don’t have to go for the basic, former packaging trends because of the intervention

  • Die-cutting tacks

The contemporary die-cutting methods can provide the boxes with extra allure. As the gold foil packaging is popularly known to present gift items or luxurious products, a little bit of die-cut design can juice up the entire idea of packaging boxes. All the brands want to impress their customer and they can do their best by implying all the necessary artwork in their boxes.

  • Two-piece boxes

These boxes can always be recreated in the form of two-piece boxes. The biggest advantage of them is that they are user-friendly and provide a customer with the utmost convenience. All of the jewelry products, most are placed inside a two-piece packaging.

  • Sliding boxes

The gold foil packaging boxes can be tailor-made as slide boxes. These styles of boxes are well-known for their attractive as well as protective nature. They are perfect to use for display purposes as they enhance the beauty of any product inside them. Moreover, any product can get a perfect fitting in a custom-made box’s packaging.

Additional creative features

More or less, any captivating feature is feasible on custom gold foil boxes. These attractive features, collective work out to make your brand more recognizable among the masses. The sparkling glow of a golden flare is very hard to ignore. Make sure that all the aesthetic artwork of the brand is concerning the latest trends. The use of the finest quality material and foiling will surely enhance the unboxing experience of a potential customer.

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In a nutshell

Besides a sparkling glow and illuminating 3D appearance, the premium look of the boxes speaks for itself. The use of these gold-coated boxes builds a positive perception of your brand and makes it more recognizable.

All your brand’s specifications can be highlighted in a golden shade, to boost your product’s visual appeal.

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