Some Facts about the Coffee Packaging 2022

coffee packaging

coffee packaging

The coffee’s packaging will be the first impression you make on your clients. That’s right before they have the chance to taste your coffee! Therefore, the packaging must represent the coffee and help your brand’s values stand out clearly. The following are the top 5 things regarding coffee packaging you have to consider when choosing the ideal package for coffee.

coffee packaging
coffee packaging

Types of Coffee Bags

There are  primary styles of coffee bags, each one with distinct advantages:

  • A Block Bottom Gusseted Side bag can be described as the most well-known design. It features a flat, smooth bottom, which allows a whole bag to retain the brick-like shape, with an attractive rectangular front. The bold and robust shape is perfect for shelf visibility.
  • The Quad Seal Side Gusseted Bag is not less well-known. It also has a flat top and is sealed on every side. It guarantees the highest degree of protection from factors like light and oxygen. Also, it keeps the freshness of your coffee beans for longer.
  • Flat Pouch Flat Pouch is most commonly used to store single-serve bags of coffee or instant coffee items. It’s an economical option.
  • Tin-Tie Bag Tin-Tie Bag is an excellent choice for coffee samples or smaller amounts which it will use up within a couple of days.
  • This Stand-Up pouch is growing in popularity due to its excellent protection and resealable options. With the addition of a hanger loop, it can be either hung or stood.

Freshness and Shelf Life

The specifications for the material of the container you choose will help preserve the quality of the coffee and ensure that the coffee’s flavor does not disappear. It’s essential to comprehend how different barriers impact food shelf life and preservation. How the bag or pouch seals or is resealed determines the amount of light, air, and moisture that comes into contact with the coffee. We all know that the aim is to get customers to consume their coffee. It requires opening the bag several times. Don’t worry! Most coffee companies incorporate a one-way degassing device to preserve the freshness and taste for longer. The valve allows carbon dioxide to go out of the bag but doesn’t let any oxygen enter, which is crucial in preserving food.

Consumer Convenience

The customer wants their coffee-making method to go as easily as it can. Therefore, the packaging you choose to use should be simple for selecting your coffee over others. Your packaging design will draw the customer’s attention and give all the required information but not overwhelm the eyes. One method to impress your customers is to offer practical features, such as zippers that can be resalable or Tin-ties. As a result, the money is not wasted, and the coffee stays fresh.

Consumer Peace of Mind

Now more than ever, as important is the need to guarantee the quality and authenticity of all consumer products purchased. For example, bags heat seal following packing to protect against contamination during delivery, storage, and shopping at the supermarket.

Creative Packaging Design

The ability to personalize your coffee packaging offers you to boost your brand’s recognition and increase the sales you make. Your packaging needs to be unique and appealing. The various bag styles we provide and the available different imprinting methods give you a wide range of options for your design regardless of where your company is. Find ways to utilize visual stimuli to influence the user’s senses, maybe through a picture or word that evokes the sense of smell and taste in their minds. There are no limits to the possibilities with innovative packaging design.

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