A Beginners Guide To Investing in American Gold Eagle Coins

American Gold Eagle Coins

Add rare coins to your collection, and obtain a small piece of history. You may be curious as to which coins to include in your collection. While these decisions are certainly up to the individual, you can also factor in price based on the year and denomination of the coin you’re interested in.

Here, we go over the specifics of one authentic American Gold Eagle coin. We’ll discuss all you need to know to consider investing in this rare find. Although the one-ounce is the only one of the four denominations to have been issued (this was done in 2011), all have been available as billions since their launch in 1986.

As you browse coins to add to your collection, consider the value of the American Gold Eagle coin. You’ll also want to factor in the benefits of purchasing an American gold eagle 1 oz issued coin, which reflects the ounce of gold contained within it. Read on for a beginner’s guide to investing in American Gold Eagle coins.

Choosing Your Coin Based On Gold Volume

Many investors are looking into American Gold Eagle coins for their unique composition of containing a combination of precious metals. Gold Eagles have a mix of gold, silver, and copper, in percentages of 91.67%, 3%, and 5.33%, respectively. Some collectors are interested in purchasing coins based on weight, such as the American gold eagle 1 oz.

For the Gold Eagles, weights break down into the following options:

  • American gold eagle 1 oz: 1.0909 ounces, one-ounce gold
  • .5 ounces: 0.5455 ounces, 0.5000 gold
  • 1/4-ounce: 0.2727 ounces. 0.2500 gold
  • 1/10th ounce: 0.1091 ounces, 0.100 ounces of gold

You can research the mintage data for more knowledge on the composition of each coin, including the diameters of each coin size offered. The production of each coin is made in such a way that the size reflects the volume in gold.

Choose Your American Gold Eagle 1 Oz Coin By Value

If you are looking for an assembled set, look into the grading companies that certify American gold eagle 1 oz Gold Eagles. Both PCGS and NGC are two grading companies to check out, as they have certified an abundance of Gold Eagles, estimated at around 2 million in total.

Choose Your Coin By Personal Goal

It is important to remember what your personal goals are in terms of investing in American gold eagle 1 oz coins. You’ll want to decide if you’ll purchase precious metal percentages, historical value, etc. Additionally, a signature program available started in November 2022, featuring Miley Frost (the original artist who designed the Type 1 Gold Eagle reverse design). Your interest in modern Gold Eagle coins or rare originals will determine your course of action for purchasing.

Add Value To Your Collection

Ultimately, find the coin you want and have it validated by a top grading company. To add value to your coin collection, consider investing in the American gold eagle 1 oz or similar Gold Eagle coin today.