How To Buy Best Hosting Service For Your Affiliate Marketing Site?

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Affiliate marketing is one of the most reliable and economical ways to earn decent online income with zero capital investment. It empowers you to enjoy all the entrepreneurial benefits without any infrastructure, staff, or complex corporate/legal processes for building your enterprise. A large number of bloggers, reviewers, and coupon providers are members of affiliate marketing programs and make a very good income every month. However, to succeed in this field you need to make a good rapport with your audiences and earn their confidence.

It all starts with the first experience they get on your website. Availability, speed, and other basic factors- that we sometimes take as granted, actually matter a lot. All these factors are determined by your hosting plan and company. That’s the reason why top affiliate marketers spend large amounts to get sophisticated web hosting plans.

In this post, we are going to mention the key factors to consider when shortlisting the best web hosting companies for your new affiliate marketing website.

affiliate marketing

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

In affiliate marketing, you join a brand as an affiliate and get your unique affiliate ID (to track your sales). If any visitor buys through your affiliate link you will earn a specific commission on it. Some brands offer a percentage-based commission while others simply pay you a flat price for each completed sale through your affiliate link.

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How To Buy The Best Hosting For An Affiliate Marketing Website?

Now, let’s come to the main topic. While many websites are claiming to be the best hosting provider, you should carefully evaluate their potential to ensure that their services and infrastructure meets the claims they make. Here is a list of top factors to consider while buying hosting services for your affiliate website:

Maximum Site Availability

As an affiliate marketer you can only earn if your audiences buy items through your affiliate links so trust and reputation are the major assets you have. You lose both these assets if your site frequently goes off the air. It simply shows that you are not committed enough to your audiences- and are probably just trying your hand at earning quick bucks. How can you expect those audiences to trust your reviews and product recommendations- talk less about buying through your affiliate links? Leave all these things aside, technically speaking if your site is down, how can one even have a look at your site or visit affiliate links? Also, keep in mind that WordPress websites may have special resource requirements. So, it is a good idea to buy WordPress hosting plans if your site is built on WordPress and uses multiple WordPress apps.

Getting a true 100% uptime is technically impossible but make sure to demand at least a 99%+ uptime guarantee in the fine print from your web host. Reputed hosting providers even offer Service Level Agreements to solidify the trust.

In some hosting companies, you may need to upgrade to higher plans like VPS hosting, or Cloud hosting to avail of the 99%+ uptime guarantee. If the company is offering such plans at a reasonable top-up price then it could be an intelligent idea to spend a few dollars higher and enjoy guaranteed maximum availability. Just make sure that it should be backed by a Service Level Agreement.

Superfast loading speed

Superfast Loading Speed For All Web Pages

Speed and consistency matter a lot when it comes to a sales pitch. Latency creates a space for doubt and denies you the sales. Treat your affiliate website the same way.

A majority of visitors are still undecided if they should trust your site. A slow-loading site can solidify their doubts and eventually hurt your sales goals. Putting it in more specific terms even 1/4th of second matters. So, ensure that your hosting provider offers lightning-fast speed.

Speedy websites not only impress visitors but also brings your site into the good books of Google as speed is among the major parameters to determine the utility value of a site. When combined with other optimization strategies the fast loading speed can positively impact your SERPs ranking too.

So, a fast-loading affiliate website helps you in two ways- firstly it improves your ranking on relevant search queries, and secondly, it creates a positive first impact on the visitors’ mindset thus improving the conversion probabilities.

Wise Tips

Fast speed is not magic; it is a science. So, don’t just trust the tall claims of your hosting provider. Ask them for a solid basis behind their claims.

  1. What technology do the hosting providers use under the hood?
  2. Do they use Solid State Drives that can boost the loading speed by up to 300%?
  3. Do they offer seamless integration with CDN or Content Delivery Network?
  4. What do the speed measuring tools tell about their speed- do they echo their speed claims?
  5. Are they employing caching tools to offer a better experience to repeat visitors?

These are some important things to consider before buying hosting services for your affiliate marketing website.

SEO support

Marketing and SEO support

A human brain is engineered to form a subtle positive opinion about the “first relevant option” that comes its way. Search engine pages are crowded with a tremendous volume of options. Where your site stands in this crowd can directly or indirectly impact the visitors’ mindset. Getting a rank in the top 10 slots is a Herculean task for a new affiliate marketing site. What if we tell you that your site can appear above the topmost organic results? Yes, that’s quite possible- through Google AdWords.

That’s why the reputed hosting providers offer you free Google advertising credits so that you can enjoy better visibility right from the initial days of your affiliate marketing business. By creating compelling AdWords copy you can attract people’s attention and clicks which eventually helps in the organic ranking of your website.

Many hosting providers offer the next level of handholding and offer free SEO tutorials and digital marketing courses for new marketers to help them achieve decent SERP ranking through proven strategies and site optimization methods. You can find lots of guides, analytical documents, whitepapers, and more knowledge resources to make your affiliate marketing site succeed.

Conversion Oriented Layout Through Smart Designing

Design is one of the major factors that influence your affiliate sales. If you look at the top affiliate marketing websites they are smartly designed to naturally guide the prospects to the affiliate brands. However, creating such professional and appealing websites could be a stressful and expensive task. It could not be affordable for the new affiliate marketers with limited resources and a lack of sufficient technical know-how.

To make their work easier, the Australia web hosting providers also offer complimentary site builders, which empower you to build your site independently using drag-and-drop tools. Alternatively, o can also select a pre-made template to create a professional-looking website.

The advantage of working with prefabricated designs is that you get the ideal layout that can easily be optimized to meet your conversion and branding goals. Such templates are nicely categorized into different themes like food and beverages, media, travel, education, and more. It makes it easier and quicker for you to instantly sift through the relevant category and pick the design that impresses you.

SSL certificate

SSL Certificate To Earn Trust

To convince people for acting on your recommendations you need to earn their trust first. Many things determine the trust factor of your affiliate marketing site. SSL is one of them.
An SSL certificate encrypts the to-and-fro communication on your websites thus securing the sensitive information of the shoppers. Also, the SSL certificates offer a visual trust stamp to your site- with a reassuring green padlock icon in the address bar before your URL address, and replacing HTTP suffix with HTTPS.

Also, Google rewards the sites that follow fair internet practices like protecting users’ interests and safety. So, an SSL certificate can also improve your SERPs rankings. Last but not the least; online shoppers are more likely to trust secured SSL websites.

Pricing Matters A Lot

As an affiliate, you earn only a modest commission out of the sales revenue. One way to increase your net income is to economize the overheads. So, carefully purchase economical hosting plans that help you get maximum value out of your hosting dollars.

Also, try looking for discount coupon sites and web hosting reviews/blogs to enjoy exclusive discounts and deals. Also, you can join relevant social media groups to get the benefit of members-only discounts.

Easy And Quick Hosting Control Panel

As an affiliate marketer, your objective is to constantly manage the different aspects of your site- right from the latest security patches to performance upgrades and monitoring the outcomes. You can easily get overwhelmed by these site maintenance/management tasks which can make you lose your focus.

So, choose a hosting provider that offers an easy and quick interface to manage all your sites at a single place through a well-organized interface, task automation, smart notifications, and intuitive steps. Such panels are especially architected to help you plan and prioritize the admin/management tasks.

Right from analyzing your site performance to paying the outstanding hosting bills, changing the WP theme, and monitoring/applying the latest updates- you can manage all aspects of all your sites from a single interface and with a single login!

Stellar Support To Quickly Resolve The Issues

If a provider offers you all the above-mentioned features but lacks good support services, then this one negative point can hurt your entire affiliate business. Any affiliate website needs smooth functionality to keep visitors engaged. Fluctuations and interruptions result in choppy performance and spoil the user experience. So, your hosting provider must offer quick and reliable support services through their in-house executives.

Make sure that the provider offers 24/7X365 support through different online/offline mediums. An agile and well-coordinated support ecosystem ensures that the issue is resolved before it starts annoying your visitors. Also, confirm the specific technical proficiency of the support team. For instance, if you are running a WP site then checks if your service provider has in-house WP experts to resolve the advanced WordPress issues.

Availability Of Different Plans

As an affiliate marketer, you need to find a fine balance between the volume and value of the traffic. As the business grows you are likely to outgrow the basic plan and need to upgrade to higher plans that can support your changing needs. For instance, you may get less than 500 monthly visitors during the initial period that can easily be supported by a basic hosting plan, but as you grow the monthly traffic size may eventually inflate to 5000+ visitors. For that, you need to upgrade to VPS or a cloud hosting package. So, ensure that your provider offers multiple plans to support different phases of your growth. It is equally important to check how easy t is to switch from one plan to another. Some reputed hosting providers also empower the clients to independently buy new hosting plans or add more resources right from their self-service hosting panel. It allows you to instantly and accurately upgrade your plans as and when needed.

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