High Risk Merchant Account At highriskpay.com (Complete Review)

high-risk merchant account

Are you among those facing problems opening your business’s merchant account or handling your current merchant account just because your business is marked as high-risk? Don’t worry. Many merchant account service providers are there who may understand your problem and provide you with a better high-risk merchant account. One such service provider is High-Risk Merchant Highriskpay.com. In this article, I will give you complete information about High-Risk Merchant Highriskpay.com. 

Before I explore Highriskpay.com in detail, let’s first understand the high-risk merchant account. 

What is High Risk Merchant Account? 

High Risk Merchant Account is a special merchant account that is used for those businesses that have been categorized as high risk by traditional financial institutions. Financial institutions may label any merchant account as a high risk if they find the account associated with a higher chargeback, fraud, or higher volume of returns. 

It is important to understand here that the more risk associated with your business, the more difficult it will be for you to get a payment processing company.

However, numerous companies can readily offer you high-risk accounts, including Highriskpay.com, which is a licensed moneylender we will delve into in this article

Top Reasons a Merchant May Be Considered High-Risk:

Payment processing companies can declare your merchant account high risk for many reasons. Each payment processing company may have different guidelines to determine if a Merchant account is high risk. I want to mention some specific reasons all processing companies follow in labeling a merchant account as high risk.

1. Transaction Volume. If the merchant’s transaction volume is very high. The processing company may label the account as high risk if a merchant is doing monthly transactions of more than $20000 or if their average transaction rate is 5000 dollars or more.

2. Receiving International Payments. Even if you receive payments from countries where fraud is high, the processing company may ghost you as a high-risk merchant account

3. New Merchant. If you are brand new. Even then, the payment processing company considers you high risk because they do not have any track record of you

4. High-Risk Industry. Your industry can also put you in a high-risk merchant account category. For example, if you are a subscription-based company, then you are bound to be labeled high Risk

5. Low Credit Score. If your credit score is very low, you may be under the high-risk merchant account category.

Apart from this, if your business falls in the below category, your Merchant account is likely labeled High Risk.

Types of Businesses Commonly Considered High-Risk

Some specific industries are listed below which are considered high risk by financial institutions.

  • Adult Industry
  • Travel industry (including accommodation planners, airlines, and cruises)
  • Gambling
  • Furniture Stores
  • Electronics stores
  • Online dating
  • e-commerce
  • e-cigarettes, vaping
  • debt collection
  • Subscription Services

How To Choose a High-Risk Merchant Account Service Provider

Before choosing any payment processor, you should read the contract carefully because every payment processor has a guideline to put any business in a high-risk category. Then keep some of the following things in mind when you are looking for a payment processing company :

1. Higher Fees – Some processing companies charge more for high-risk than low-risk accounts. They do this because they try to balance the risk. Toh phi ko dhyan se analayase karna chhaye

2. credit score matters the most – whether your merchant account will be approved depends greatly on your credit score. Try to improve your credit score to make it easier for your business merchant account to get approved.

3. Who does the vendor accept? – Sometimes, a company with expertise in high-risk merchant accounts may be picky and accept only a few. So it would be best to approach vendors who meet your particular circumstances.

Until now, I have discussed what a high-risk Merchant account is, some important things why payment processing companies put merchant accounts in a high-risk category, and from which angle the chances of the industry are high to go into high risk. Now let’s come to the point. What is High-Risk Merchant highriskpay.com?

About Highriskpay.com

Highriskpay.com serves as a credit card processing and payment gateway for your businesses with bad credit. The company has been working in the credit card industry since 1997 and is growing rapidly. The company’s network is spread nationwide and works under its processing bank. The best thing about hishrisqpay.com is its lowest processing fee and 24/4 hourly support system.

List Of Services Provided By HighRiskPay.com

HighRiskPay.com’s high-risk merchant account offers many services. Some of their services are listed below:

1. High-Risk ACH Processing – No matter if your business falls under High risk, it offers ACH processing

2. Credit card processing – It offers credit card processing for businesses having a low credit score

3. chargeback management – It offers a free chargeback management system. 

4. strong risk management – HighHighRiskPay.com’s strong risk management system identify and red flag fraud-prone accounts and affiliates

Top Benefits of Having a Merchant Account At Highariskpay.com

Highariskpay.com has many unique features that keep it at the forefront of High Risk Merchant Account Services and which no other payment processing company has. You can choose hishrishpay.com for the following reasons:

1. High Approval rate – The approval rate for Highariskpay.com is around 99 percent means your chances of approval are higher.

2. No application fee – Highariskpay.com does not charge any application fee as other banks and processors are charging.

3. No Contract – At Highariskpay.com, the merchant does not have to sign any contract

4. Accept businesses having Low or Bad credit – Businesses with low credit scores can also have a high chance of approval rate. 

5. Chargeback prevention – HighRiskPay.com provides complete chargeback prevention

6. Fast approval – At HighRiskPay.com, your merchant account gets approved within 24 hours.

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HighRiskPay.com is one of the top High-Risk Merchant Account providers offering many benefits. 

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Many businesses come under the category of high risks, such as businesses related to adultery, casino, debt collection, e-commerce, vape, e-cigarette, furniture and electronics stores, multilevel marketing (MLM), online dating; subscription services and companies with recurring payment plans; and travel, including airlines, cruises, and vacation planners.
Suppose your business Transaction Volume is very high, like 20 thousand dollar transactions in a month, or the average transaction rate is 5000 dollars or more. The processing company can put your merchant account at High risk. Apart from this, if you’re Receiving International Payments from countries where fraud is high, if you are a new brand, or if you are associated with a payment High-Risk Industry, then chances are your business fall under high risk.
To open a high-risk Merchant account, you have to fill out an application provided by vendors online or offline. The company will analyze the various factors and decide if your Merchant account should be open.
High-risk merchant account fees vary by the payment processing company. High-risk merchant accounts will likely charge higher transaction fees than low-risk accounts. So read their term and condition carefully.
Again it varies from vendor to vendor. But one thing is clear you’re charged higher than the normal processing fees. You may have to pay a setup fee to open your account and a termination fee to close it, plus per-transaction fees, terminal fees (for in-person payments), and chargeback fees.
You must provide bank account information, including your account and routing number, an employer identification number (EIN), government licenses associated with your business, Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance, and financial statements.