Choose the Best Payment Gateway for Your Online Store

Choose the Best Payment Gateway for Online Store

If you are a growing online business or eCommerce store trying to increase your cash flow by streamlining your client’s payment processes, you should know that an online payment gateway is the best way to accept online payments. It secures online transactions and permits digital payments. Payment gateways not only make it simple for your customers to pay you, but they also help you improve your cash flow by reflecting payments promptly on your end.

The Role Of Payment Gateway in Online Transactions

  • The customer’s payment card information is securely validated
  • Assuring that there are sufficient funds to finish deals
  • Approve transactions and deposit funds into your account

How to Accept Online Payments Using Payment Gateway

The merchant account serves as a temporary holding account for funds received from the payment processor before being transferred to your bank account. The money is temporarily held in the merchant account to reduce the number of returned payments. Setting up these accounts is an important initial step in the payment collection procedure.

Merchant accounts are divided into two sorts, each of which holds money differently:

Aggregate Account: In this sort of account, your funds are maintained in a shared account with funds from other businesses. It is perfect for eCommerce stores.

Dedicated Account: A dedicated account is comparable to a bank account in that it is set up specifically for you.

Things to Consider to Choose the Best Payment Gateway

It is crucial to pick the best payment gateway for your online store. The subsequent are the most key aspects to consider:


The most crucial factor to consider when choosing a payment gateway is the total cost. So most payment gateways charge a low transaction cost of 2.9 percent + 30c. This could be useful for businesses whose transactions are not always large in value.

Types Payment Methods Allowed:

Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are the most regularly used cards and online payments methods. If your clients frequently pay you with a different card type, such as a debit card or a Diners Club card, ensure sure your payment gateways support it.

Mobile Payment Support:

Most customers now purchase on their smartphones and tablets, it is critical to choose an online payment gateway that can accept mobile wallet payments. This allows your clients to pay you using any device they like.

Multiple cash support:

If you do business abroad, be sure to choose a global payment gateway that can recognize payments in various currencies and from a diversity of countries.

Holding Period:

Depending on the payment gateway providers, these holding periods can range from 1 to 7 days. Depending on your currency flow, you can decide to wait or be paid right away.

Recurring Billing:

If you operate a subscription-based business, you will need a payment gateway that can handle all of the moving components that come with regular paying.


You are storing sensitive financial information when you accept payments online, So the security of your payment gateway should be a top consideration.

Hosted VS Non-Hosted:

Using hosted gateways reduces the danger of storing sensitive data on your site. Customers may grow frustrated and not attempt again if the transaction fails due to a malfunction or other problem. As a result, non-hosted payment gateways are preferred by organizations with huge transaction volumes.


Some payment gateways impose a monthly transaction restriction. Small enterprises may not find this to be a problem.

Incorporate with other systems:

Make sure your payment gateway can be integrated with your accounting software. So that when an online payment is made, the accompanying invoice in your bookkeeping system is updated automatically. This will hold you plenty of time and struggle because you won’t have to keep track of payments and manually update the payment information in your accounting system as they arrive.


Finally, collecting customer payments is simple and easy when using the correct payment gateway. You will want to ensure sure it meets your company’s requirements, is available in your location, allows you to accept payments from all over the world, and is reasonably priced. So these are the above-explained details about choosing the right payment gateway.

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