Enticing Benefits Of Rubber Mulch Flooring In The Playground

rubber mulch

Mulch has been utilized in yards and flower gardens for hundreds of years. Mulch, which is typically made from organic materials like bark and wood, serves to keep soil moisture in place, promote plant growth from extreme heat, and keep weeds from sprouting in the soil. Traditional wood mulch, on the other hand, degrades over time and requires reapplication every year or two. If you’ve ever added mulch to flower beds, you know how time-consuming it can be and how much more mulch is always needed than you expect. Wood mulch is cheap and easy to come by, but it doesn’t stay very long.

It wasn’t until 1990 that recycled tires were first employed as a ground cover alternative. In a report, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) referred to waste tires as a “playground gravel alternative”. Improvements in tire recycling technology and equipment enabled the production of wire-free rubber mulch to be more beneficial and economical for recycling enterprises during the next decade. Rubber mulch is now more widely available for use in planters, playing at the park, and gardening than it has ever been. The advantages of this new material are enticing.

Long-lasting Playground Rubber Mulch

Wood mulch is a recyclable substance, so homeowners should change it on a regular basis. The small wood chips absorb the water when it rains, are exposed to the sun’s rays, and are subjected to the freeze-thaw cycle during the winter’s freezing wind. All of these factors work together to break down the wood until it is unidentifiable from the underneath soil.

Playground rubber mulch does not decompose. A waste tire recycling plant’s end product is this. These recyclers transform complete tires that would otherwise end up in a landfill for decades into pure, wire-free rubber chips. Tire rubber is designed to withstand tough circumstances, and most manufacturers claim that their product will last 10 years or longer without needing to be changed or refreshed.

Less Maintenance

Rubber mulch surfaces on the playground are heavy, in addition to not being recyclable. It is heavier than mulch made of wood. Even if there is a severe rainstorm, it will not wash down the sidewalk as wood mulch does. You don’t need to buy mulch for your lawn season after season because you never have to replenish or add to it. While this playground mulch form may be more expensive to lay upfront, it is a one-time investment that saves you money in the long run by providing smart ground cover.



Encourages Plant Growth

Rubber and water are incompatible. Water may easily pass through the mulch made from used tires and reach the soil below. All of the water and nutrients that fall on it are absorbed directly into the soil, enriching it for plants and flowers. As opposed to wood mulch, none of it is absorbed by the mulch itself. Rubber mulch reduces the growth of plants and fungi that can destroy plants since it does not absorb water.

In order to grow, weed seeds require a damp atmosphere. The seeds dry out and die before they have a chance to sprout in the dry area of rubber mulch. It also necessitates less mulch to prevent weed growth. An inch and a half of rubber mulch will suffice in place of a three-inch covering of wood mulch. Mold and other fungi need a lot of moisture to grow, which rubber mulch beds don’t provide.


Rubber mulch, first and foremost, reduces our reliance on wood for gardening. While wood mulch suppliers aim to adopt environmentally friendly methods in the production of their goods, tree harvesting is an inevitable component of the process. Rubber mulch is made without the use of trees. Playground Rubber mulch, on the other hand, is made totally from the recycling of toxic waste products. By using a recycled product instead of a new one, you help to solve the waste tire problem.

Insects are Less Prevalent

Termites and carpenter ants are attracted to decaying wood, making wood mulch appealing to them. In planter beds packed with rubber chips, these insects have no attraction. Keeping these pests out of your planter beds around the exterior of your house can help shield your house from insect attacks. It also eliminates the need to use chemical pesticides to keep such insects at bay.

Rubber mulch might be a win-win situation for your yard and in the play area. Your plants will bloom, you’ll spend less time weeding and mulching each year, and you’ll be helping to keep waste tires out of landfills. It’s a brilliant solution to a significant issue.

Let’s talk about where you can acquire rubber mulch now that you’ve seen the advantages of using it. You can use the search engine on our website to find stores near you that have rubber mulch in stock. Or you can use the Google search engine by typing “rubber mulch near me” You will find the best quality rubber mulch from Creative Recreational Systems.

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