Emerging Technology for Rental Properties in 2022

property management technology

Are you curious about what innovative trend will sweep the real estate industry off its feet? Do you wonder what role property management technology has to play as we march into the crux of 2022? In the 21st century, staying in business is about keeping up with the latest digital tool. Landlords and investors who can jump on the wagon earlier are more likely to reap greater rewards and improve tenant satisfaction.

While there’s more to running a successful real estate business than knowing the latest market trends, there’s no denying it certainly helps. So this article takes a look at the leading emerging technology for rental properties in 2022.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is set to take up a more prominent role in 2022, although it may not be in the form you think. Rather than capitalizing on AI to build human-like robots, as seen in the movies, it means having more intelligent software in the real estate market. For instance, many sites now have an automated chatbot that can provide basic questions the users may have. That way, potential customers can get swift and satisfactory answers in minutes, rather than waiting long hours for personnel. Thus, it’s highly likely that as the year progresses, more sites will adopt this trend and even fine-tune these virtual assistants to become smarter.

Data Analysis

As an extension of what artificial intelligence brings to the table, we’re likely to see a shift in how we process data. In other words, as we move further into 2022, the real estate industry will begin to utilize AI to collect and interpret data more efficiently. Information like habits, complaints, and location are prime for understanding tenant motivations and making more targeted ads. As a result of these innovations, landlords are more likely to catch and retain my leads.

On the other hand, values like rent, market cap, and property taxes can help investors make better valuations of properties. In that case, the data collected would help real estate owners make better investment decisions.

Smarter Gadgets

Another emerging technology in 2022 is likely to be the rise of gadgets. Landlords keen on making their tenants’ lives easier will see a surge in demand, and ultimately ROI. Of course, the subsequent effect of these tools becoming more widespread will become cheaper. Some of the most common technologies landlords adopt are related to security and comfort.

Under security, the most prevalent are surveillance cameras that capture movement, smart outdoor lights that keep away intruders, and smarter smoke detectors that monitor the air. On the other end of the spectrum, smart speakers that enhance sound quality, smart thermostats that efficiently control the temperature, and smart hubs which connect all these technologies are more comfort-focused. Ultimately, as they garner more interest, the competition amongst producers will crash prices, increasing their availability and thus becoming a loop.

Virtual Tours

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, which humanity is still grappling with today, reliance on virtual technology is at its peak. In the world of real estate, that means more firms and private owners are allowing prospective tenants to engage with their properties virtually. VR tours take the visual stimulation of the senses to a whole new level by submerging clients in a hyper-realistic journey through a property.

Now, people can book and view a potential house while sitting comfortably miles away in their home, perhaps even in a different country. These tours simultaneously reduce the risk of spreading the virus through less contact and increase the convenience of the owner and tenants. In some instances, they may even give people a better view of the house by utilizing 360-degree aerial images captured by drones.


As more people gain knowledge of Web 3, the idea of Blockchain is starting to sound less vague. So in 2022, it’s highly likely that the real estate world will embrace this technology more firmly. After all, it makes real estate more efficient, secure, and cheaper for the masses. Traditionally many people purchase real estate through intermediaries like banks and other formal institutions. But Blockchain cuts out many of these third-party intermediaries, thereby cutting transaction costs and making the transfer of property swifter. As a result, real estate need not be a “big man’s” game. Every day man can now participate and generate real wealth through passive income.

Besides keeping more money in the pockets of the buyer and seller, Blockchain makes transactions in real estate more secure. It removes the responsibility of double-checking the intermediaries you associate with and makes fraudulent activities harder through tighter security systems. Thus, it increases transparency and makes more people want to engage with real estate.

Property Management Software

2022’s technological trends tie into each other like stairs leading to a more convenient life for landlords and tenants. So integrated control of all these technologies will inevitably gain more attention thanks to the ease it provides. Of course, that takes us to the development and increased usage of property management software.

Property management software is an application suited to help landlords effectively manage their assets. They’re known to improve communication, increase accessibility, and save time and money. For instance, most of this software incorporates accounting features to help landlords monitor their finances. Thanks to this technology, functions such as tracking rent payments, calculating expenses, and estimating taxes are a breeze. Another great way these applications help is by increasing your access to essential data. Since many of them are either web or phone-based, you can get the information you input about your property at the tap of a button.

Automated Processes

Even before we rolled out the carpet for 2022, automated processes have grown in the real estate industry. Automated transactions, in particular, are becoming the more popular mode of payment, surpassing cash and cheque due to their increased ease. Besides rent payment, other aspects of reality are also adopting automated processes. For instance, property management software can automatically and accurately complete routine tasks without human assistance. That leaves landlords to take care of other demanding tasks technology is still underway to fix.


In real estate, technology that can make your job more efficient and your tenants happier is the key to your continued success. Undoubtedly, you have to utilize these tools efficiently to make them work for you, but you don’t have to do it alone. You could learn more about what a local property manager can offer your business and how they can make it more profitable.

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