Driving License: How To Get It And When You Need To Renew It

Driving licence

The article offers some great tips on how to get your driving license and when you need to renew it too. It includes a breakdown of the steps needed and what you can expect. There are also some helpful guidelines such as which documents you need to present in order to prove your identity, age, and address.

Driving is an essential part of life in the UK and so it’s important that you’re aware of everything needed to get a driving license, from when you should apply for one, to renew your license.

What Is A Driving License?

A driving license is a document that proves you can drive a car. You need to get one if you’re over 18 and have a valid driving license from another country. To get your UK driving license, you must:

  • Pass your driving test
  • Pay the relevant fee
  • Have a valid passport or identity card

How to get a UK Driving License?

To get a UK driving license, you need to:

  • Fill out an application form and provide your valid identification (photo ID)
  • Pass a knowledge test
  • Pay the license fee
  • Take a driving test

When Will I Need To Renew My Driving License?

If you are a UK resident, your driving license will expire on the date shown on it. You will need to renew it before it expires. To renew your license, you will need:

  1. Your driving license number
  2. Your passport or UK ID card
  3. A valid form of identification
  4. The correct fee (see table below)
  5. Time In Country (TIC) stamp from when you last renewed your license
  6. Proof of residency – either a recent utility bill, bank statement or tenancy agreement (if you live in an apartment)
  7. If you are over 65 years old: a doctor’s prescription showing that you are fit to drive and have had no medical conditions for at least six months prior to applying for your renewal

You can apply for a driving license online through Driving Help, they will apply on your behalf and cover any theft or loss of your driver’s license at no additional cost. In addition, we will assist you with any legal and driving license disputes.

The Cost Of Getting A Uk Driving License

Getting the UK driving license is not as difficult as you might think. There are a few things you need to do to apply, and once you have your license, keeping it up to date is essential. The cost of getting a license depends on your age, nationality, and whether or not you have held a valid driving license from another country in the past. If you are over 65 years old or have held a valid driving license from an EU/EEA member state for at least five years, the cost of getting a UK driving license is reduced by 75%.

To apply for a UK driver’s license, you will need:

  • Your birth certificate
  • A passport photo (2×2 inch)
  • Proof of identity (a recent passport or national ID card)
  • Proof of residency (a utility bill, bank statement, residential lease agreement)
  • £73 fee payable in cash or visa/mastercard/debit card

Once you have collected all of the required documents and paid the £73 fee, visit any Post Office branch and request that they ‘register your application’. This will take about 10 working days to process. You will now need to attend an approved Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) driving test center. Your test will be recorded and this information sent to DVSA. If successful, you will receive your provisional driving license in the post within 7–10 working days


If you are a UK citizen, you need to get a driving license if you want to drive any type of vehicle. There is no set time period for when you need to renew your license, but the process depends on how old you are and whether or not you have held a full UK driving license before. If you are under 25 years of age, your provisional driving licence will expire three months after it is issued. If you are aged 25 or over, your provisional driving license will expire six months after it is issued. For both types of licenses, if there are any changes (for example: moving abroad), then you need to apply for the latest license type available. (For more information on how to apply for a UK driving license, see our article on the subject.)

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