Boxed Packaged Goods: Some Fascinating Facts To Know

Boxed Packaged Goods

Boxed packaged goods are one of the most convenient and popular ways of sending gifts these days. The purpose of boxed packaged goods is to protect the items during shipping. So, we can say that it makes the whole shipping procedure more secure and safe for the business.

Boxed packaged goods are one of the most popular types of eCommerce packaging. So, if you are new, especially to the e-commerce field, and have no idea how packaging works, then you will find some great insights here. We will share everything about the types of packaging. So, go through this blog and get everything to know about boxed packaged goods.

What Are Boxed Packaged Goods?

Boxed packaged goods have become popular in the last few years. As we know, there are millions of products being ordered on a large scale in the world on a daily basis. So, that’s the reason why the packaging industry has grown exponentially. The revenue is on a high scale, that’s for sure.

According to the sources, in order to protect the items or products, boxes as packaging medium are really good. Boxed packaged goods have become ideal for many. Moreover, the value of the global packaging market has also grown a lot due to such an increase in packaging.

The demand for packaging and boxed packaged goods is really high as we can fathom. So, there are different types of products that need different types of boxing packages as well to ensure safety and security.

For storage, transition and delivery, boxes have become the ideal medium. Now, the question is, why boxes are a great option in the first place? Well, if you want to know, then it’s time to go through this blog and find it out yourself.

Here Are A Few Benefits Of Boxed Packaged Goods

Boxed packaged goods have several benefits to offer us. As we said earlier, there are different types of packaging that we use in this industry to provide safety to the products. For shipping and perfect storage, we do use boxes as packaging items. According to the sources, around 70% of customers say that packaging design is essential to influencing a purchasing decision as well.

In other words, we don’t only use packages to safeguard an item but to provide aesthetics. So, if you want to know more, then without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of using boxes for packaging.

Provide Physical Protection

First of all, boxed packaged goods come with loads of physical protection. In other words, if you want to provide physical protection to the goods, then boxes are a great option. Generally, we use boxes as protection in order to safeguard products from lots of reasons like vibration, dropping, extreme heat, etc. In addition, we also use boxes to protect goods against humidity and dust.

To Contain Products

There’s another benefit that we can see from boxed packaged goods. For instance, if we are talking about custom packaging, then boxes are great. Moreover, it’s also worth noting that a lot of items come with different small accessories like chargers and earbuds with mobile phones. So, for these, we do require custom packaging that boxes provide. In other words, we can say that in order to contain products, we use boxes.

Defensive Measures While Shipping

To elaborate on the first two benefits, boxed packaged goods are excellent for providing defensive measures. Especially when the items are in transit, they may get damaged or lost if not properly packed. That’s the reason why using boxes to pack the items is a great way to provide defensive measures. Also, it makes it quite easier to track and identify a packing slip.

For Aesthetics

A lot of consumers prefer boxed packaged goods because of their aesthetics. If you want to provide a premium touch to the products and their packaging, then boxes are a great option. There’s a certain premium feel that a boxed good may provide to the users. Let’s say you want to buy a collection pack that comes with a well-illustrated box.

Well, it just increases the value to a great extent. It can actually influence the buyers to buy the pack. Just like a good illustration on a book can most certainly boost the appeal of the book, it’s quite similar to the boxes as well.

This is the reason why a lot of people are now preferring to pack their products into boxes. Needless to say, boxed packaged goods sell better. More than physical protection, the sense of aesthetics is also essential to consider.

Different Types Of Box Packages

We have discussed boxed packaged goods and their benefits. Now, let’s talk about the different types of box packages that we use for boxed packaged goods. So, as we have already mentioned earlier, we use boxes to provide protection and increase the appeal of a product. There is a wide range of choices for boxes available in the market. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at them now.

  • Paperboard Box

First of all, we can use paperboard boxes. Since people make them with wood pulp, you can easily recycle the material. Furthermore, it’s quite easy to mold these boxes to make custom shapes and sizes as well. This particular characteristic makes it quite ideal for boxed packaged goods.

  • Rigid Boxes

Next, let’s talk about the rigid boxes that we use to pack luxury retail items like premium gadgets/phones/Rolex watches, etc. So, as we can fathom, these types of boxes are most popular in the market because they provide a touch of elegance to the products. Moreover, they are durable and thick.

Thus, not only do these boxes provide a premium feel, but they also provide protection. In addition, we should also mention that you can also customize these boxes. You can print them and even add matte lamination. Furthermore, you can also give them an AQ coating. Of course, it’s a bit expensive choice.

  • Corrugated Box

Last but not least, let’s talk about the cardboard boxes that we use to export cartons and retail packages. You can also use these boxes to store items. It’s a multi-layered box, and thus it provides huge protection and strength.


So, these were some fascinating aspects to consider about boxed packaged goods. Hopefully, you have learned something new about how we use boxes to package products. We have also discussed the benefits of using boxes to pack items.

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