5 Advantages Of Pursuing E-learning Over The Traditional Way


The education sector witnessed a high-paced digital revolution in the COVID era. Now as things are starting to go back to normal, e-Learning which initially began as a problem-solving idea is now slowly replacing traditional classrooms.

There are several debates and arguments in favor and against e-Learning platforms, but there’s no denying the fact that e-Learning has brought much more advantages than the claimed shortcomings.

Gone are the days when we had to think of several parameters before enrolling in a class or deciding to learn a new skill. The anywhere compatibility that the online learning platforms provide is simply unmatched, and that is why students and professionals around the world are opting for teachifyapp.com to enrich their English learning skills.

Let us look at the four major advantages of E-Learning over the traditional ways and explore how it has made things more accessible for us.

5 Advantages of E-Learning Platforms

Online learning platform has gained wide popularity in the past years, a major credit goes to smart devices and internet penetration percentages.

Here are the top five advantages of online learning platforms.

1. Great Accessibility

One of the greatest advantages of online learning is that it transcends geographical boundaries. It allows students to learn from anywhere, irrespective of their physical location. Due to the accessibility factor, some of the best online course platforms enable students to attend classes at reputed institutions like Harvard and Oxford. The traditional requirement to be physically present in class stands eliminated, which is a huge benefit for students.

2. Scalability of Resources: Saves Time and Money

The reason why a majority of students opt for online learning platforms is that they save a great amount of time and money. The resources needed to be invested in traveling down to physical classes and coming back are easily saved by opting for E-learning. Also, traditional classrooms have a limited number of seats for students, which is not the case for online learning platforms.

3. Information Retention Benefits

It has been proven that the slides, images, and audio/video content used by the best online learning platforms help in improving the retention capacity of students. You get one-to-one attention in the online learning mode which further enhances the retention capacity of students.

4. Personalized Pace and Recording Feature

The option to record and go through lessons at a personalized pace was very limited and complicated in the case of traditional classes. However, in online classes, you can not only record but also take screenshots of important slides and notes, which eases your job to a great extent.

5. Better Interaction Features

Online learning platforms come with interactive features like live doubt clearance, chatbox questions, resource downloads, and hands-on exercises at the comfort of your couch. These features make online learning more fun and interactive than traditional classrooms.


It is a general trend for students to opt for online learning platforms for the several advantages mentioned above. However, it is also important to choose only the best online platforms after thorough research and query.

Popular online learning platforms like Upsurge provide the best content across various domains and their self-paced and downloadable resources make them the right choice for active learners!

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