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missed call solution

The success of a brand is heavily dependent on its communication with its customers. If your customers call you and your employees are busy – and no one calls back – you miss out on an opportunity to sell or gain a new client. You can also use this for those operating globally and may have customers in other time zones calling in when no one is available.

The missed call alert service can help here. Here is what a missed call alert service can do for your business.

  1. Missed Call Can Be Used For Voting

Getting involved in a campaign is tedious and time-consuming. Voters are turned off by lengthy campaign participation requirements. Yet, you can get your customers to easily contribute to a Yes/No campaign through a missed call to service. Then you can request that they leave a missed call to a specific number if they agree or don’t.

The data (number of missed calls) can then be used to implement policies that interest your customers.

  1. Registering and Subscribing

You might consider using a missed call service alert instead of lengthy registration or subscription processes. This can be approached in many ways. As an example, you can tell your potential customers to leave a missed call, where they will later be contacted to complete the registration process. By doing so, you avoid dropouts.

  1. Verifying Customers to Save Business Costs

It won’t help to have a large customer base. Find out who your “quality” customers are. Your revenue comes from their needs, so you can focus more on them. As a result, you need verification whether you’re running a business online or offline. By verifying missed calls, you can know what customers are actively engaging with your brand.

If you offer cash on delivery, verification is also helpful. When a customer enters the wrong data in the delivery form, sending the package can result in a huge loss for your business. Businesses can reduce delays and save money by asking customers to verify their identity and details through missed calls.

  1. Opt-in / Opt-Out

You can overwhelm your customers with your content if they are no longer interested in wasting resources. Additionally, they may decide to block your number or content, so you lose any chance of them coming back to you. By using your missed call service, you can ask your customers to unsubscribe or resubscribe.

  1. Flexibility

India’s telecom subscribers reached 1.8 million in 2017, according to a report. This number includes landline subscribers. It’s good news for you that a missed call solution can cater to both mobile and landline users, so no market is left untouched. Those in remote areas or with little to no knowledge of technology will find this service particularly helpful. The service allows them to indicate their interests, from which your team can call and follow up on what they need.

Having your missed call service integrated with CRM will allow you to have all your missed call data at your fingertips, and you can even use it to inform your customers of promotions later on.

  1. Cost-Effective for Customers

Customers do not have to pay for missed call services, unlike SMS and internet campaigns. Even so, there is nothing more efficient for enterprises than missed call solutions. Due to the fact that the customer doesn’t have to incur any costs, they can approach you whenever they need assistance.

Ultimately, this leads to more sales as your brand engagement increases. Still unsure whether your business needs a missed call solution?

You need to stay on top of trends in every marketing strategy if you want your business to succeed. It’s one of these trends that you can’t ignore in India, or you’ll lose market share to your competitors. A missed call service allows customers to engage with your brand at zero cost in the easiest way possible.

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The easiest, most helpful, and most effective method for your clients is to reach you. It has been standard practice in India for a long time to leave a missed call so someone can call you back. When you offer a missed call solution, you alleviate your client’s anxieties about reaching you. In addition, you’ll build a database with potential clients that you can contact in the not-too-distant future.


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