5 Major Causes for the Financial Stress of Gen Z

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Every generation faces different sorts of troubles induced by the world they live in. The current generation of new adults, also called Gen Z, is different from the millennials in their approach and lifestyle. Thus, they are not coping with the exact causes of stress that the previous generation has gone through.

You can blame the digitization and shift in priorities for a successful career as the driving force for this change. However, the solutions are somewhat the same, with minor adjustments according to the times. If you are among Gen Z, it is time to take care of the causes of your stress before it exhausts your mental and physical energy.

Causes of Financial Stress for Gen Z

You need to find the causes of financial stress to manage them effectively. We cannot find a permanent solution for an unknown problem, which may lead to severe consequences. The following are the significant causes of stress for Generation Z or the people born after ’97.

1. Credit Card Debts

People abuse their credit cards to make a needless purchase that often derails their budget. You don’t have to buy new clothes or shoes because the seller offers an unbelievable discount. Therefore, it is essential to control your impulse decisions along with the purchases made from credit cards.

You are forced to pay very high interest rates on installments if the amount is not paid on the next due date. It is better to take loans online in Ireland than rely on these cards. The difference between the interest rates is significant enough along with fewer chances of a debt cycle.

2. Student Loans

The student loan is among the most popular financial services in the lending business. You may need it to advance in your existing career or make a switch. And it is hard to pay college fees and manage the other expenses within your limited budget.

However, there is no guarantee of an employment or attractive package after college. The stress of repayment takes over their mental health and finances. Moreover, it is a long-term loan where the stress will last for years to come until the income is enough to manage the installments comfortably.

3. Insurance and Medical Bills

Insurance policies are a safeguard for your financial future. You will have monetary assistance to manage the emergency without relying on savings. However, the premium of these policies is often unaffordable during tough times.

Moreover, the stress of financial conditions starts to take a toll on your mental health. The required funds for treatment will come from the medical insurance with the required coverage. It is indeed a troublesome task to maintain the proper insurance premiums while trying to manage the budget.

4. Improper Debt Management

The debt situation is getting worse for people with the advancement of technology. Bad credit loans are easily available with the help of credit cards and online lending. However, it will only increase the stress of installments on your finances.

The battle against the temptation is hard when the fund is easily accessible. Moreover, the school curriculums don’t have financial education as a concept to teach the children about money. We click the apply button on the first website on the search results instead of searching for affordable offers loan agencies in Ireland.

5. Inadequate Savings

Everyone should have some financial goals on their list for a secure future. It sets up the motivation to spend with mindfulness along with maintaining a budget. However, inadequate savings from a lifestyle beyond means will result in stress.

You will end up relying on financial assistance from lenders in the absence of a savings account. The constant fear of finances will remain during uncertain times. Moreover, the failure to maintain the budget may cause remaining damage to your mental health.

Tips for Gen Z to Manage Financial Stress

You don’t have to visit an exotic country to relieve the stress because of financial conditions. Once identify the source of it, spend some time finding the solution with changes to your lifestyle. Following are some tips to manage financial stress by focusing on the cause of it.

1. Invest in Your Future

You should invest in yourself during idle hours to improve your skills. It will help counter the stress with a diversion while creating a better opportunity for your professional life. Take some time from your packed schedule to spend on yourself instead of working on your system at home.

It is essential to learn the different concepts of financial education by yourself, not on professional skills. There are numerous books, articles, and courses available on the concept. Similarly, you can understand the root cause of your stress and find an effective solution by educating yourself.

2. Explore

You are young and inexperienced in the management of different situations in life. Mistakes are inevitable and it makes no sense to dwell on them. Instead, you should explore the endless opportunities and possibilities ahead of your personal and professional life.

Experiment to find a passion or a hobby to spend time with without hurting your finances. You need to step outside your comfort zone to gain confidence and experience. Thus, explore different activities, hobbies, or career opportunities before settling on a final decision.

3. Live in the Present

As mentioned above, it is okay to make mistakes during any stage of your life. It is a part of the learning curve to realize the mistake and work on it. Therefore, you must prevent the past from taking control of your mind and focus on the present.

The regret can last a lifetime to create unnecessary stress on your mental health. You should occasionally spend money on yourself instead of focusing too much on savings or budgeting. Moreover, invest in experience to live in the present and maintain a healthy relationship with your loved ones.

4. Save for Financial Security

In the end, you need to make changes to your lifestyle to curb the amenities and start saving. It will take time to leave a habit of spending on needless items or services. Therefore, do not expect a complete change overnight.

Create long- and short-term saving goals to manage different situations. The short-term goal will help manage uncertain times such as unemployment or some unexpected expenses. The long-term goals will help build your net worth with increased assets and reduced liabilities.


To sum up, you cannot find an effective solution to your stress situation if the cause is known. It is important to accept the cause or mistakes and figure out the solution to it. You will have plenty of time to rebuild your financial condition since it’s just the start of your career.

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